7 Tips For Protecting Your Skin From The Sun While Traveling

As the summer season arrives, so does the beach day outs and holiday trips. While enjoying this much-awaited time, one thing you must take care of is your skin. If you’re chilling by the shore, you are likely to ignore every little damage caused by the sunrays. But, keep in mind not to neglect the long-term harms for the short-lived benefits. Always protect your skin against UV rays by adapting to various protection measures. Also, you must couple up multiple procedures to get the required results on every journey.

Before you head out, finish all the sun-protection rituals and walk under the sun with confidence. You must be wondering what exactly are those skincare routines and how will they help get rid of the UV damage. From regular sunscreen application to wearing full-sleeved clothes, you need to try everything out.

Keep reading to know the seven necessary sun-protection measures that you must adhere to while enjoying your trips.

Apply Sunscreen At least Thrice Everyday


One thing that you must always carry in your bag is Sunscreen. A single application of this cream can do wonders on your skin. Not only does it protect you from UV rays, but it also provides the much-needed glow. Before you buy Sunscreen, always research the type and quality of every product. You must always invest in a medium to high range SPF sunscreen for optimum results. A lower SPF means less sun protection, which can lead to wrinkles as well as skin tan.

Overall, the Sunscreen you choose for daily use can positively transform your life. If you possess oily skin, here’s the best Asian Sunscreen for oily skin. The cream lasts longer than most of the other sunscreens and also gets rid of excessive sweat in no time.

Choose The Right Clothes For Protection

While exploring the lush green mountains and waterfalls, the harmful UV filled sunrays are inevitable. But what you can do to protect yourself from the same is wearing the right clothes. Now, by “right clothes,” we don’t mean the branded clothes that are appealing to the eye. To protect yourself from the sun, always wear full-sleeved clothes. Always prefer layering your outfit with the right piece of fabric. Even the color shades matter a lot. Try wearing dark shades that block a higher amount of sunlight that the light and lose ones.

So, get yourself the correct type of clothes and slay your vacations with confidence and comfort.

Accessorizing Rescues Your Skin Greatly


The next trick to get that suntan away is by accessorizing to the core. While traveling, one thing that transforms your simple outfits into appealing ones is accessories. Whether it’s a necklace or a classy hat, every little item can accentuate your look. Along with this, they can also protect you from the sun rays. Wearing a hat that matches your outfit prevents sunlight as well as makes you look top-notch. You can also put on those UV protected glasses that elevates your jawline in the right manner.

So, grab the accessories today and prevent the sunlight from harming your skin.

Eat Your Sun Protection On The Go

Apart from the regular application of sunscreen and appropriate clothing, you must take care of your body from within. For this, all you need is an adequate diet that keeps the UV effects in check. You can carry these foodstuffs in your bag while you go out or incorporate the same in the diet. More of these fruits contain antioxidants that are the basic sun protection ingredient. Blueberries are rich sources of antioxidants as well as Vitamin C, both of which can reduce wrinkles and sun damage. You can also consider other items like carrots and watermelons. For all those who aren’t fond of fruits, nuts and seeds come to their rescue from sunrays.

Grab the right fruit and achieve the right shine on your face instantly. Also, stick to these regimes even after you get back home.

Get The UV Protection Supplements


If you’re having a busy schedule, you can make use of the heliocare supplements. These are the sun protection pills that prevent absolutely any skin damage caused by the sun. They’re readily available in the market at reasonable prices. With these supplements by your side, say goodbye to the sunscreens and every hassle related to it. All you need to do is consume these pills as prescribed by dermatologists. Usually, the dose varies from once to twice per day. Take the pills with water about an hour before heading out for the best results.

Natural & Home Made Face Packs


Another quick trick to get that little tan away is by applying the naturally prepared face pack. You can either prepare the pack on your trip or carry the same from home. All you need to do is grab some cucumber and mint leaves to prepare the right face pack. Not only will this replenish the lost nutrients, but also prevent any further sun damage on your skin. If you don’t have cucumber, you can use the potatoes for the same purpose.

Applying the face mask twice a week provides the results that you’ve been craving for. So, grab the ingredients and prepare your homemade sun protection face pack today.

Limit Sun Exposure As Much As Possible

As you all must be aware of, sun rays are at a peak from 10 am to 4 pm. If you’re highly sunlight sensitive, avoid going out during peak hours. Also, limit your sun exposure by exploring the shady areas during the daytime. You can sit back and relax in the hotel during the afternoon and head out as the clock strikes 4.

Protect your skin by limiting your exposure and maintain the glow even on the trip.

Final Verdict

While traveling, sun rays and skin damage are inevitable. However, you can prevent your skin from the harmful UV effects by adapting to a certain skincare routine. Apply the sunscreen at the right time and wear dark clothes that block sunlight. Also, carry umbrellas, wear hats and sunglasses for additional advantage. Enjoy your vacation and protect the skin at the same time with the tips mentioned above. Also, don’t let the sun hamper you from making the most of your holidays.

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