3 Best Coastal Towns in Croatia

Croatia is a historically marked and culturally rich country located in Eastern Europe. It is home to some of the most lovely coastal areas and beaches in the world. Exploring its inhabited islands can be adventures, but making it to the three best coastal towns would be the best thing. While some people aim for larger cities, the true beauty of Croatian history and culture hides in the coastal towns. With that said, here’re the three best coastal towns in Croatia.


Dubrovnik is considered as one of the best towns to visit in Croatia. The town is set at the base of a hill, making it a spectacular site to behold from within and from the water. The coast of the town is steep and rocky with breathtaking cliffs. It gives way to rocky and soft, sandy beaches. Divers make their way up on the edges of the city walls and dive into the rocky, turbulent water below. If you’re looking for a less treacherous and more luxurious beach experience in the town, you can head to the Banje Beach, just outside the town.

If you’re a tourist who loves adventure, you will surely love sea kayaking around the island of Lokrum. You can also visit the old town market to shop for vegetables, fruits and dried delights. Another popular itinerary for visitors is strolling around the fortifications of the town. The city’s walls will surely make you appreciate the architecture of medieval times.


The town of Split is more than a port. It’s a bustling city with a captivating waterfront area along its old town area. The metropolitan city gives visitors a hint of the old and new styles of living in Croatia. While visiting the town, you can choose between staying at a vacation rental next to the beach or a water view room within the heart of the town. Many choose another option and purchase a property they will use to return to every year.

There are limitless attractions and activities to do in Split. For instance, you can visit the medial St Domnius Cathedral and delve inside Diocletian’s tomb, a late Roman emperor. You can also participate in one of the town’s local sport known as picigin. Split is also known for its amazing nightlife, and you can head to one of the town’s bar to enjoy some drinks. The town is also popular for its restaurants that serve delicious, fresh seafood and superb local white wine.


Baska is one of the most visited towns on Croatia’s largest island, Krk. There’s always something going on every night of summer in Baska. Whether you opt to spend your evenings on a cocktail beach party or listen to acoustic live concerts, either way, nightlife fun is inevitable in Baska. Baska is also an ideal Croatian coastal town for visitors who like activities such as cycling and hiking. The town has cycling and hiking paths that are ideal for everyone, both experts and amateurs. The beaches around Baska are some of the cleanest beaches in Croatia. You can also enjoy your vacation in Baska doing activities such as riding pedal boats, sunbathing, and surfing boards.

Croatia has so many lovely coastal towns. You can explore Croatia by driving along its beautiful and rugged coast, stopping from one great coastal town to the next. Keeping these three best Croatian coastal towns in your list of places to visit will surely give you a chance to see the best coastal towns that Croatia has to offer.

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