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3 reasons you should invest in a tote bag - Fantastic Girl

3 reasons you should invest in a tote bag

We think that everyone should own a tote bag. They are great for carrying shopping or for storing your gym kit in for those after work sessions.

Aside from their versatility, there are also some more practical reasons why you should consider investing in a fabric tote bag.

  1. Durability

The material used for tote bags is durable, strong and is the perfect alternative to plastic. Tote bags are also environmentally friendly and are a great way to combat single use plastics.

Plastic bags can break easily when put under stress, whereas cotton, jute or canvas bags can withstand a lot more weight and strain. They are great for transporting anything from milk to hardback books.

  1. Savings

By using a fabric bag you will avoid having to buy plastic bags and paying every time you purchase a plastic bag that is likely to be thrown away or sit in a cupboard for months on end. You may not think that paying for a plastic bag is very expensive, but they are rising in price and every penny soon adds up!

  1. Customisation

Fabric bags can be easily customised from the handle choice to the pattern on the bag. Fabric tote bags can be printed on to, allowing options for logos, different designs, flamboyant colours and complete personalisation. This makes them a more fashionable choice and a great way to stand out when you are out shopping.

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