3 Ways To Start The New Year In Style

Are you making any New Year’s resolutions for 2020? Now is the time to finalize your plans and really think about what you want to change next year. Your resolution could be anything from looking for a new job, getting more organized, losing weight, quitting smoking, or perhaps even becoming more stylish.

This last idea is one that can really capture the imagination; it seems like a great idea to change your wardrobe and become more fashionable and stylish for the new year. Yet it can be a hard thing to accomplish, especially if you have been wearing the same styles for a long time. So if you want to start the new year in style, here are some ways to help you achieve your goal.

Layer Old Pieces

If the idea of throwing all your clothes out and starting again seems too extreme (and too expensive) then don’t worry; you can start the new year in style with your old wardrobe, just styled and worn in a different way.

Layering is a brilliant option when you want to look different but still wear your comfortable clothes – you’ll save money and gain style all in one go. You can be really creative when you choose to layer your clothes and wear items that you might not normally associate with one another. A jacket with a turtleneck underneath, for example, can look both highly fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Or what about a skirt with leggings underneath? Once you start to look at the clothing you have and pair things up in this way, you’ll discover plenty of new ideas and styles.


It’s not just your clothes that give you a sense of style; it’s the accessories you wear with them. Items such as bags, shoes, and of course, jewelry all make a huge difference. Pairing the right items with each other is a big step in becoming stylish, but you should also be happy with what you are wearing and not just wear it for the sake of fashion. This means you can pick your favorite jewelry from F Jewellery and wear it as much as you want to, making sure your clothing works with it. You have set your own style, and that is important.

Be Colorful

It can be tempting to stick to tried and tested colors such as black and white. However, in order to be truly stylish, you need to be bold and colors are a great way to do this. Don’t be shy about making a statement using color; it can work wonders for you.

The best thing to do is to work out which colors suit your complexion best. Some will brighten up a person’s skin and eyes, complementing them, whereas other colors can make skin look sallow. Spend some time with different swatches in front of a mirror and notice not only your skin and eyes but also your hair and your entire demeanor when the different colors are placed on you. Work with the ones that suit you best and your style will be complete.

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