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4 Gardening Tips You Should Know - Fantastic Girl

4 Gardening Tips You Should Know


Growing food on your own helps you in encouraging yourself to live a healthy life. It supplies you healthy food without touching any harm chemicals. As we know all kinds of fruits and vegetables are the main sources of our life. They are enriched in vitamins and minerals that our body needs to survive.

So, you’ll want to make sure that these foods would be as pure as possible and this thought process would lead you to gardening. Gardening is the best process in which you can enjoy pure and healthy food.

With our gardening tips from expert gardener, you’ll be able to know garden clearance that will make your garden and backyard look beautiful. You’ll learn how to grow your favorite foods, flowers or plants. We will give you some quick, easy, and effective tips.

1. Know Your Area

It would seem obvious to you but not every plant grows everywhere. Your area or region will define their characteristics. By this, you’ll be able to know what you can plant and will it grow in your area or not. You have to be a good observer for that. Observe the characteristics of the area of your garden, it will also cover the climate, temperature, and sun exposure. After observing, talk to someone who works for landscape gardening and choose the best native plant according to your area. These native plants will grow rapidly with less attention, too.

2. Test Your Soil

You should read your garden’s soil PH and mineral level and take the sample to your nearest nursery for the result. You can also buy some testing kits by which you can easily take the test at your home. You can buy it on any of your nearest gardening store. The nursery will give you the result of the acidic and alkaline level of your soil. These levels of acid and alkaline can effect on the absorption of your plants. Different plants survive at different pH level, these tests will give you the knowledge to decide and choose the types of plants and how to deal with soil.

The most important part is the texture of soil. The ideal soil should easily crumble, but not hard like clay. It would be difficult for plants to grow their roots on hard soil.


3. Start with “Easy” Plants

Gardening is fun if you grow your favorite vegetables. Vegetables don’t take much time to grow so you make mistakes that doesn’t affect your time period. You can choose sunflowers as it grows faster and taller. It will give you motivation and inspiration to grow more and more plants.


4. Make a Plan

Do some research on the type of your plant, so you can avoid crowding. You’ll be able to know how big or how much space do these types of plants require. According to a research, plants should be spaced almost 18 inches far to help them live a longer life. The shorter plants should be placed at the front while the bigger ones should be placed at the end of the garden.

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