5 Essential Gym Pieces To Add To Your AW Wardrobe

The mix between looking good, and still being able to work-out effectively is a fine balance. Designers are approaching gym wear with the high street in mind and gym regulars are having to look elsewhere for inspiration. This article encourages getting the mix right, and offers both practical and fashionable suggestions for your Autumn/ Winter collection. 

Apple & Nike watch 

Tech is now an essential part of fitness life, giving users the detailed insight to their routine that only champion athletes were previously entitled to. Nike and Apple have partnered together to develop an extreme fitness piece of gear that delivers for all gym related activities. The strap is durable, yet very light and comfortable, so there is minimal impact on the user’s workouts. The watch also has independent GPS, and is water resistant for 50 metres. 

Weighted vests 

For a more intensive workout, a weight vest will increase the load on your body, strengthening muscle as it copes. You will be used to see sprinters like Usain Bolt practice with a weight vest, or carrying a weight. That is so that they can increase power. A weight vest is best used for circuit training and intense cardio. Be prepared for hard work though, and make sure you take more frequent breaks than you would without a vest. 

Short – mid length shorts 

Yes we all laugh at the old school clothes that our elders wore to the gym. But as gym clothes are becoming a fashion item, even they haven’t escaped retro. Although at least these days there are more options than heavy cotton, expect to see smaller shorts than gym joggers going into winter this year. There are other benefits than just looking on point though. They offer more flexibility and you can’t hide weedy legs, so get you won’t be able to skip leg day. 

Casual vest 

Sticking with the retro theme, a familiar theme in LA’s gyms this summer has been the casual baggy vest. While it feels like a kickback to a couple of decades ago, the bagginess is still favourable amongst those who are after a calorie burning session. Keep it plain, there is no need for shape or crazy colours here, and understatement is key to pulling off this basic. 

Crew jumpers 

Gym-wear is no longer for just inside the gym, with even those who have never stepped a foot on a treadmill wearing the trendiest gym gear. The sports luxe revolution is seeing standard wear merge with gym wear and one item that is benefitting is the crew necked jumper. These comfortable and classy jumpers are going to popular for both boys and girls this autumn and winter.

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