5 Reasons To Visit Asia

When it comes to traveling, there are lots of locations to choose from. Some people decide to road trip around the US, while other people spend a gap year exploring Europe. But have you ever considered visiting Asia?

Asia is one of the most popular destinations for travelers, and there are lots of reasons why. It is very different to the Western World, so it provides a very different, cultural experience for Westerners – and it is also absolutely stunning. Asia is a very diverse country with famous cities like Tokyo to the almost untouched islands of Vietnam, some of which are only available through charting a private plane through companies similar to, for example.

Still not convinced? No problem; here are 5 reasons to consider visiting Asia next time you are traveling.

The People

Many travelers say that Asia is one of the friendliest places for travelers, so if you hope to make friends as you adventure you may want to consider visiting Asia. Of course this isn’t case everywhere, but certain places (such as Chengdu, Singapore and New Delhi) are reported to be very friendly and accommodating. After all, Asia holds over 60% of the world’s population, so you are bound to meet some interesting characters along the way!

The Festivals

There are hundreds of festivals across Asia every year, including light festivals, food festivals and religious festivals. Each is different from the next, offering up new experiences and activities, so if you love festivals it is well worth visiting Asia. Some of the most noteworthy festivals include the Holi festival in India, which lasts for days and includes bonfires and coloured powder parties, as well the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan that involves more than 50,000 camels. There are also lots of more ‘Western’ festivals with music, booze and good food, so you should definitely be able to find a festival that suits your interests.

The Food

Every country in Asia has cities with cheap, delicious food that will warm your body and your soul. Of course, very popular cities (such as Bali) tend to be more expensive, but less popular cities have lots of affordable street food cafes for you to choose from. This includes a wide selection of vegan and vegetarian options, which is ideal for people with dietary restrictions. In fact, there are a few countries in Asia with a high vegetarian population (such as India), so if you don’t eat animals, certain parts of Asia will suit you well.

Want to try delicious Asia cuisine without buying a plane ticket? Check out Neds vegan noodles in London for cheap, tasty Asian food with authentic flavors. This is also a great way to prepare yourself for Asian cuisine, or if you are unable to travel anytime soon, throw your own Asian-inspired party with friends and family.

The Prices

Finally, there are lots of affordable places to visit in Asia. This doesn’t apply to every country and city; Bali and Hong Kong are known to be fairly pricey, but this is partially due to their popularity. Lesser-known destinations (such as Georgia, Nepal and Indonesia) are much cheaper to visit.  In fact, it is possible to buy a hot meal for less than 2 in most of these places, which is perfect for a traveller with a tight budget!

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