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5 Ways to Get Perfect Lips - Fantastic Girl

5 Ways to Get Perfect Lips

Plump, full lips have always been a symbol of youth, health, and beauty, so it’s no wonder why so many of us are wondering how we can make our lips look bigger than they actually are. There are many methods you can use to make your lips look voluptuous. To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of five most popular ways to get the most gorgeous, kissable lips – read on to learn what they are.

Exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation

Exfoliating is one of the basic components of the skincare routine. It removes dead skin cells and improves circulation, making your lips feel fuller and more appealing. There are several ways to exfoliate your lips. The first method is by using toothbrush – get a brush that has soft bristles to make sure it doesn’t damage your lips. Use warm water to make the brush softer and gently scrub your lips. The second method is pretty much similar to the first one, but instead of the toothbrush, you use a wet cloth to wipe your lips. Make sure to use soft cloth so it doesn’t feel rough on your lips. The last exfoliating method involves making your own lip scrub and applying it on a regular basis. Find the method that works best for you and use them to get soft, smooth lips.

Consider lip fillers to give some volume to your lips

As we age, our lips tend to lose on volume and moisture. Lines and wrinkles start to appear around our mouth and our lips begin to lose their definition. The hyaluronic acid our bodies naturally produce helps our lips look young and full, and as we get older, there’s less and less hyaluronic acid present in our skin. For that reason, many beauty aficionados turn to the hyaluronic-based lip plumper to get a fuller pout and make their whole face look more attractive. Lip fillers reintroduce hyaluronic acid which in turn shapes the lips, increasing their volume and size. Getting lip fillers is the best non-surgical way to get fuller lips, with effects lasting relatively long for a reasonable price.

Play with makeup to create an illusion of fuller lips

There are many ways you can use makeup to create an illusion of a fuller pout. One of the most popular methods is highlighting the Cupid’s bow, applying the lipstick, and then applying highlight to the center of your lower lip for volume. Another way to do it is by applying a white pencil to the middle of your lips and using a colored lip liner to fill the corners. Blend them and add lip gloss as a finishing touch. The last of the three most popular methods relies on using four different products – lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, and concealer. First, outline your lips to get the desired shape and then apply lipstick. Put some lip gloss on your lips and use concealer to correct the lip contour for the perfect result. Fast and effective!

Think about permanent lip enhancement with lip implants

If you don’t want to have dermal fillers done periodically, consider going for permanent lip enhancement. Although there are certain risks when it comes to enhancing your lips permanently, lip implants are a good alternative to the now popular lip fillers. The effects of permanent lip enhancement are known to last as long as ten years, but they can be rather costly, so prepare to spend quite a lot if you’re aiming for a full pout that will last you long. The procedure consists of shaping the soft, silicone implants which are then inserted into your lips, making them plumper and voluptuous.  Also, prepare in advance and clear out your schedule after getting lip implants – the recovery time is usually around one month, but it might be worth it once you see the result.

Use a DIY beetroot lip balm as a temporary lip stain

There are many benefits that beetroot brings to your skin and health, but what many of us don’t know is that it can be used to give your lips a healthy, natural look in a matter of minutes! Beetroot can also be used to exfoliate your lips and make them brighter, thus helping you get rid of dark, pigmented lips. You can use beetroot powder to make a DIY beetroot lip balm that will stain your lips and give them a nice glow. The best thing is, you can make this lip balm at home by using a few natural ingredients.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to get big and beautiful lips. Choose the method that works best for you and transform your lips to soft, kissable pout you’ve always desired!

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