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6 Tips to Fight Dry Skin this Winter with Organic Moisturizers - Fantastic Girl

6 Tips to Fight Dry Skin this Winter with Organic Moisturizers

These chilly temperatures can seriously sap the moisture out of your skin and no one deserves to struggle with dry, itchy and inflamed skin.

Fortunately, there are some useful tips that can help to amp up your moisture levels from the inside out so you can enjoy dewy, hydrated skin for the rest of the season!

Keep reading to the end to learn about one our favorite organic moisturizers!


Drink up

Drinking water can be tough when it’s cold out, but water is essential for keeping the skin cells hydrated and plump from the inside out.

Infuse your water with lemon and fresh herbs to spruce it up or switch up cold water for comforting herbal teas.

Fill up on hydrating fruits and veggies

The quickest way to watch the moisture disappear from your skin is to eat a diet high in processed foods and sugar, all of which dry out the skin and even break down collagen.

A diet rich in a rainbow of fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds and healthy fats will help to amp up the moisture in your skin and leave it glowing.

Take your vitamins

There are certain vitamins that are especially helpful for keeping the skin healthy by strengthening the lipid barrier, locking moisture in the pores and boosting collagen production.

Vitamins A and C are two of our favorite so consider supplementing with them to make sure you’re getting more than enough!


Use lukewarm water in the shower

Hot water strips moisture and beneficial oils out of the skin so always use lukewarm water in the bath or shower to keep your natural oils locked in and your skin perfectly balanced.


Exfoliation is key to ensuring that your lotions and oils will be properly absorbed, because it helps to slough off dead, dry skin that may be clogging the pores.

Use a natural exfoliant at least once a week or mix up some sugar and coconut oil to make a luxurious diy exfoliant that will leave your skin silky smooth!

Ditch the drying soap bars: 100% Pure Natural Soap Bars

Forget those nasty conventional bars that dry out your skin and invest in an all natural bar Infused with luxurious oils and rich butters to leave your skin its healthiest best! Hydrated skin starts in the shower!

Once you’ve followed the above 3 tips your skin is ready for a deep dose of organic moisture!

Rose Mira Sweet Coconut Body Butter

This is what true moisture is all about!

Finish up your shower routine by indulging in this rich organic body butter that smells good enough to eat and will coat your skin in a beautiful and protective veil of dewy hydration!

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