7 Ways Ceylon Tea Can Help You Improve and Get That Much Needed Beauty Sleep

Ceylon, as named by British colonists, is the former name of Sri Lanka. Ceylon once was the greatest manufacturer of coffee in the world. However, when coffee-rust, a plant disease, destroyed the coffee industry, farmers seized the infrastructure and started a booming new industry.

Ceylon tea, pronounced say-lawn, is grown and produced in Sri Lanka. The area offers an exceedingly high-altitude range, weather, plant variations, soil, and atmosphere, so it differs greatly in its character and flavors. It is either made from green tea, white tea, or black leaves and can be consumed as a hot or cold beverage. It is packed as either loose leaf tea or tea bags and can be purchased from a reliable online tea and coffee shop like Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

What is Ceylon Tea?

Camellia sinensis, a tea plant, produces this tea type from its dried and refined leaves. The blades are often characterized as wiry because their appearance is long and thin. Ceylon is mostly orthodox tea, which means it undergoes hand processing.

A classic Ceylon taste is commonly considered brisk, bold, and full considering the geographical complexities. The tannins are moderate to full, and there are hints of chocolate, spice, or citrus. Ceylon black tea has many health advantages, which presumably explains why locals have 3 to 6 cups a day!

Ceylon Has an Impressive Nutritional Profile

This tea is a prime source of antioxidants at higher concentrations, preventing oxidative harm to cells. These compounds include quercetin, kaempferol, and myricetin. It is also rich in polyphenolic compounds such as cinnamic acid, gallic acid, and theogallin, and flavonoids. The various forms of polyphenols offer varying health benefits. Additionally, it contains other beneficial active ingredients such as amino acids, minerals, and alkaloids.

EGCG (Epigallocatechin-3-gallate), a compound with strong health promotion properties as seen in human and test tube trials, is found in green Ceylon tea. All varieties of this tea type supply the body with several trace minerals such as magnesium, chromium, manganese, cobalt, and minimal caffeine amounts. All these ingredients offer varying health benefits.

Health Benefits

Having health issues undoubtedly affects your sleep. If you can improve your general health and well-being, you’ll be in a peaceful state of mind most of the time and experience better sleep. Read on to learn how to improve sleep quality by consuming this relaxing tea.

  • Kidney Health

The polyphenols in the green version of this tea can help protect your kidneys by ridding them of toxins. It also helps prevent kidney stones due to their antioxidant and caffeine content, giving you improved sleep.

  • Chronic Diseases

Antioxidants help prevent several chronic diseases. By being toxic to cancer cells, it helps prevent liver, lung, ovarian, or prostate cancer.

  • Heart Health

This tea variation contains potassium, which is important for your heart and general health. It relaxes your arteries and veins, helping you enjoy better sleep.

  • Bone Health

Drinking this tea helps to prevent osteoporosis, a disease that makes your bones exceptionally fragile and brittle. It also improves bone density and strength.

  • Diabetes

It can assist in preventing and regulating diabetes. The green tea option helps to reduce your risk of developing diabetes (type-2). It assists in regulating blood sugar and insulin levels. Additionally, this relaxing tea aids those with diabetes to avoid dangerous blood sugar level drops and spikes. While Ceylon tea might prove beneficial for people diagnosed with diabetes, it would be prudent for the latter to consult a healthcare professional (preferably with a system similar to my health connection in place) for a proper diet and routine that they would need to follow to keep their blood sugar in check.

  • Energy Boost

An increase in energy, making you more attentive and alert throughout the day, means you are more productive. By evening, you’ll be well prepared to enjoy a good night’s rest, thus, better sleep.

  • Skin Care

The green tea variation of this tea will protect you from UV radiation. It assists in healing skin and delaying the ageing process, making you feel better. Your skin will look better, too.

Through the elimination of all the above issues, you will enjoy that much-needed beauty sleep.

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