My blog has been super successful! This is down to a lot of research and hard work and in particular down to the high quality of my content. What you read on my website and blog is always current, informative, educational, interesting, funny, inspiring and entertaining. I am as particular about the content of my website and blog as I am about the way I look and present myself, and that speaks volumes. You will find lots of average fashion blogs online, some of them even quite good, but you won’t find anyone that cares as much as I do, that is as driven and ambitious as I am and that loves the world of fashion as deeply as I do.

The figures speak for themselves, I have 17’000 unique monthly website visitors and there are strong indications that this number is set for exponential growth. I have been savvy, thorough and smart in my approach and because of that, the businesses and services that have thus far advertised on my website have reaped the rewards of my hard work.

When you set up a website or a blog, you soon discover ways of monetizing your online presence and because of the strength of my content, I have not only been growing reader numbers, but also been in a position to let advertisers make money from advertising on my site. It works both ways, I get a steady advertising income and my advertisers increase their revenue by accessing my many thousand readers.

Advertising is one area, where businesses can waste a lot of resources, because of poor or ill-directed advertising campaigns. Campaigns are often expensive and slightly random in nature and those businesses investing their hard-earned profits often see very little in return.

Advertising on my website is different and this is why I would strongly advise you to take out ad space on my website:

  • 17’000 Super Sophisticated Readers: Through online surveys and collected data, I know my readers to be smart and sophisticated and extremely discerning. I know for a fact that they all greatly appreciate the quality of my blog, are exceptionally loyal and put great faith into my knowledge and advice. Demographics point to a well-to-do, well-educated group of readers and the visitors to my site often seek my advice on products and services in the fashion industry. For advertisers this means access to an affluent new client base, ready to purchase the latest fashion item or to avail of exciting fashion services. Existing advertisers testify to greatly increased demand and sales and many of them have been with me for a long time.
  • Beautiful Design and Smart Placement: My website and blog have always been visually stunning, simply because fashion is all about beauty and because I wanted to build a stunning online place. Ads and banners must be just as appealing and my team and I put a lot of time and effort into the planning and visual design of every ad. Beautiful ads make people click and see what’s behind this business and advertisers have reported countless new visitors to their respective sites. More website visitors means more clients and more revenue! Once we have a visually perfect advertisement, we proceed by finding the optimum location on my website, all designed to maximise the impact of your ad. I want to make sure that you will make lots of money from advertising on my site and that’s why I invest so much time and effort.

Your Options

I don’t merely sell advertising space on my website and blog, there are several other options:

  • Ads: Conventional placement of ads on my website, different options available with regard to time, ad size etc.
  • Banners: Prime advertising option giving you optimum visibility.
  • Traffic Sales: You may purchase traffic through my website.
  • Product Reviews: Top way of promoting a product or service. I love reviewing and promoting!

What to Do Next

If you would like to be one of my many happy and satisfied advertisers, please drop me a line at Please include as much detailed information about your business as you can and also indicate what targets you would like to reach. Once I am familiar with your business and your thinking, I will create what I feel is the best package for you and revert back to you. We can then discuss and finalise your campaign and go on to design and publish your ad, banner or product review. All advertising campaigns are tailored to the needs of my advertisers with optimum focus on increasing your revenue.

I like pretty things and making myself, and others, pretty. Long time dog mummy and lover of beauty. Come and join me in my world.