At-Home Spa Treatments for the Perfect Self-Care Day

Are you feeling stressed after days of hustling and bustling? Do you need to take a break and relax? A self-care day might be overdue!

A self-care day, even once a month, can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It also improves concentration, increases happiness and boosts your energy. If you are thinking of it from a physical perspective, a self-care routine can help minimize the risk of heart disease and stroke. It is also good for your soul as it allows you to realize life’s true meaning and stay in tune with your higher power.

But how do you create a perfect self-care day at home?

Light a Luxurious Smelling Candle

A spa day at home wouldn’t be complete without the scent of a few luxurious candles. If you’ve been to a spa, you must have smelled the scent in the air and felt relaxed instantly. It is easy to recreate this relaxing and inviting aroma with a few natural-scented candles, like ones from the Blue Lagoon spa treatments selection for example. These candles are non-toxic to prevent chemical scents from being released into the air when they burn.

Draw a Bath with Bath Salts and Essential Oils

During your at-home spa day, don’t rush through your regular three-minute shower. Instead, draw a bath with bath salts and essential oils and let your body soak for a while uninterrupted. Bath salts can help moisturize the skin and relieve inflammation, while essential oils have properties that can help balance oil production and enhance oxygen circulation to the skin.

Apply a Facemask and Hair Mask While Soaking

While soaking in your bath, why not take the free time to apply face and hair masks? Face masks can help remove excess oils, eliminate impurities and improve the appearance of pores. There are several types of face masks suited for different purposes. You can go with a clay mask to fight acne and unclog pores. Hair masks can help make your hair shinier and softer. They also add moisture and reduce frizz which minimizes breakage and damage.

Get Lost in a Good Book

Reading is another excellent way to relieve stress and induce relaxation. According to studies, engaging your mind in a story lowers your heart rate and eases tension in your muscles. So, getting lost in a good book might just be what you need to complete a blissful at-home spa day.

Have Relaxing Background Music Playing

Once you’ve set up your bathtub and added your bath salts, it’s time to enhance the room ambience with some relaxing music. Tunes with a slower tempo soothe your mind, allowing your muscles to relax while you try to release stress. It is advisable to pick relaxing music, but you can choose whatever you like depending on your taste.

Have a Glass of Wine

Wine, especially red wine, contains antioxidants that offer many benefits, including slowing skin aging and fighting stress-related diseases. It also helps depress your central nervous system and slows down your thought process, which makes it a perfect addition to your at-home spa day collection.

Have you ever set a night to take a break from reality and pamper yourself? If yes, what do you like doing?

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