Beauty from Within – Foods That Will Make You Beautiful

It was when I was a teenager, that I discovered how the foods we eat impact on how well we look. For starters, I had to painfully discover that I had to give up my beloved coffee to have clear skin.

I had felt all grown up and ready to take on the world and to make a statement, had started drinking a strong cup of coffee each morning and thought I was great! Religiously, before school, I would make an extra strong cup and that shot of caffeine would propel me through the whole day, every day. I loved it! The only thing was, my skin started to break out, I got lots of spots and it took me ages to realise that the emergence of my skin problems had coincided with my coffee love affair. For a long time, I had put it down to my hormones or even some of the skin care products I was using, but eventually, the penny dropped and I knew that it was the coffee. Reluctantly, I can even say sadly, I stopped drinking coffee in the morning and hey, presto, after a mere two weeks, my skin had completely cleared up!

Ever since then, I have read all about diet and beauty and how they combine and how vital it is to eat the right foods if you want to look good.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that junk food is bad for you in so many ways, drinking alcohol, smoking and eating lots of processed foods will obviously not help you look good either. Rather than preaching from the pulpit and telling you about all the foods you should not eat, I have made a list of foods that will make you even more beautiful than you already are!

Foods for Beauty

Make sure you eat home cooked, freshly prepared meals rather than ready-made, factory produced foods, this way you minimise the amount of chemicals your body has to absorb.

  • Fruit and Vegetable and Lots of It!:The great thing about greens is that you can eat lots, you know you are getting lots of nutrients, your digestion will be good and you don’t have to worry about gaining weight. Vegetables and fruit also detox your body and help eliminate any harmful chemicals. Remember to get your Five-a-Day! I like having some fruit with my breakfast and as snacks throughout the day and have a salad or vegetables for lunch and dinner.
  • Nuts, Seeds, Oily Fish: You are doing your hair and skin a big favour if you eat nuts, seeds and oily fish. The omega fatty acids and vitamin E contained in these foods help keep your hair and skin looking radiant and shiny.
  • Eggs, Beans, Meat: For a beautifully toned body and strong muscles you will need to eat some protein. Eggs, beans and meat in moderation will help build strong and beautifully toned legs, tummy and arms.
  • Brown Rice, Millet, Spelt, Buckwheat, Potatoes, Quinoa: Carbohydrates have been getting a bad name of late, but whole grains in moderation and grains such as these contain lots of valuable nutrients and will provide you with energy to go about your day.
  • Water and Herbal Tea: Drink lots of water and herbal tea to keep your body free of harmful toxins. Water nourishes your cells, speeds up recovery after exercise and keeps you alert and generally in good health.

Allow Yourself to Have Treats

There is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine, bar of chocolate or gigantic pizza on occasion, in fact, I would advise you to treat yourself regularly. By doing so, you don’t get that feeling of being on a permanent diet and you will be much happier as a result!

Natural Food Will Turn You into a Natural Beauty

If you just make a small effort to predominantly eat fresh and natural food, your body will thank you for it and you will be radiant, happy and healthy. There is no need to count calories or obsess about your weight as the vast majority of healthy foods will not make you gain weight.

Last But Not Least – Fresh Air and Exercise

Fresh air and regular exercise are just as important as a good diet, but you probably already knew that and if you find yourself being lazy about your fitness, go to the gym, get a dog or join a sports club, there are lots of fun ways to keep fit!

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