Coral Chung Believes in Supporting Her Fellow Working Female Professionals

Working women must demonstrate their competence to garner respect from the second they show up. A working woman’s goal is to ensure that her voice is heard and that she can speak confidently. One working woman has risen to this challenge, resulting in a thriving company that caters to working women no matter what their profession is. That company is Senreve, which designs luxury handbags for working professionals. For one of the cofounders, this is a dream come true. Coral Chung knows what it takes to make any working woman feel her most confident.

Great Choices

For many women, a handbag is essential. In it, they store important items, like credit cards, car keys, and items for special occasions. For example, a woman who is attending the ballet after she’s done with work may want to alter her makeup or have a place to keep the tickets. For Coral Chung and Senreve, the goal has been to design handbags for every possible occasion. To do this successfully, they must find the right fusion of style and functionality for each and every handbag.

Many Women Love Them

One joy of running this company for Coral Chung is seeing the handbags being used by women all over the world. It’s been deeply satisfying to bring something special to her customers. When traveling for business, she’s seen the handbags out in the wild, and her friends are letting the company know that they’ve seen them, too. Because the bags are often discrete, easy to store, and exude luxury, traveling professionals find that the bags are perfect for their personal travel plans. This makes them ideal for any destination.

Learning to Prioritize

Getting the company up and running has been a true labor of love for Coral Chung. She has had to make sure that the company is designing products that are fit for women working in a wide variety of fields, especially since women have begun to move into non-traditional fields, such as finance. These types of fields may have rarely seen women employees and leaders in the past. Handbags have a need in a factory setting as much as a boardroom, so they must be able to withstand all sorts of conditions. Senreve has risen to this challenge, and Chung applauds women who are exploring new kinds of fields and bringing women renewed opportunities in the process.

Staying True to Her Style

Staying true to her style as she creates a company has been one of the most important aims in her career. Coral Chung has kept a close eye on fashion trends, which can shift dramatically at any moment, and was able to turn her passion into a business venture. Now, she’s thinking creatively about the world of handbags and translating it into products her customers love.

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