Creating A Pet-Friendly Living Space

We love our pets with all our hearts and would do anything for them. Just the other day, we researched CBD, looked at the Serenity Store, and asked our vet about things we could do for our eldest cat as she was having issues walking without pain. One of the things we did to help her was to make it easier for her to get about the house. We moved her bed closer to the litter tray, put up makeshift steps so she could climb onto furniture, and moved her toys down to the floor. It was only when we were done doing this that we realized that there’s a lot more we could do to make it easier and safer for our pets to get around the house.

Keeping your living space friendly for your pets is a crucial part of your responsibility as a pet owner. For all the joy and love that our furry companions give us, we owe it to them to make our home as pet friendly as possible. Additionally, you can also visit a veterinarian in your neighborhood or contact one online (learn more here) for your new pet’s health checkup, vaccinations, and other necessities. Your pet deserves all the best services, facilities, and lifestyle. This is why we made a guide on how to do exactly that!

Although your home may be perfectly safe and livable from your perspective, it may not be the same for your four-legged friends. For example, the medications, cosmetics and household cleansers you use every day may pose a serious risk to your pets. Your pets could become curious and try to eat these items, which is why you should always keep these products in a cabinet or another secure place when you’re not using them. Likewise, loose cables and cords that dangle from your desk or entertainment center should be wrapped and kept out of paws’ reach. Your cat or dog could be tempted to bat at the cables or cords, potentially pulling something heavy on top of themselves. They may also want to chew on the cords, which could hurt your pets or your devices.

For these and many other helpful tips for creating a safe space for animals in your home, take a look at the accompanying infographic. It contains some good advice all pet owners should keep in mind.

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