Creating the Right Fashion Style for a Plus-Size Physique

Shopping for a plus-size cloth in a clothing store was a one-time challenge for some individuals. Back then, there were few plus-size clothing manufacturers. Even though some large-size clothes existed then, they are too general for customization. However, today, there are several options to choose from. But even at that, some plus-size shoppers find it challenging to find the right fit. This guide is here to iron that issue out. So, kindly read on.

Finding the Right Clothing Style for Your Body

You are plus size, and so what? You do not have to feel bad because society created a stereotype that being slim is sexy and being fat is ugly. Everyone has one feature they don’t like about their body. The best thing you can do is to accept your physique and find ways to improve it or complement it. In the case of fashion, you can conceal those flaws and focus on your strong assets. By doing so, you will come up with unique flattering fashion styles. Many, many popular fashion brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue are creating entire collections for plus-sized bodies, so don’t be afraid to explore. Try on as many types of clothes you need to, and pick what you think looks flattering. Don’t hesitate to ask a few friends too!

Your body size is not the only factor that matters when choosing a piece of women plus size clothing. Understand that your body shape plays an essential role as well. Every woman has one of the following physiques:

  • Pear-shaped body
  • Apple-shaped body
  • Hourglass-shaped body
  • Rectangle-shaped body
  • Oval-shaped body

By factoring in your body shape, you can make better decisions on what and what not to wear. Additionally, there is an unpopular opinion that striped clothes are not ideal for plus-sized individuals. This school of thought is far from the fact. You can rock a striped top, depending on its stripe pattern direction. Vertically striped clothes compensate for your size, by visually elongating your physique. Hence, you appear slimmer than you are. On the other hand, horizontally striped outfits only make you appear wider than normal. Ideally, your striped clothes should come in lighter colourways.

Pair Your Clothes with the Right Undergarments

Your undergarments are part of what makes your fashion unique, even though they are not seen outwardly. Well-fitting underwear makes your clothes fit properly. Ensure that you get the right sizes; avoid oversized materials. When shopping for your undergarments, ensure that you purchase those that match your skin tone. For example, go for a nude bra with light colours to prevent triangle bra straps or loud undergarment appearances. Such bras come in various shades. You can also explore other alternatives, like bralettes from Nuudii System or similar companies, that can give you comfort and support while maintaining the right level of fashion style as well.

There is also a popular belief that dark hue clothes hide fat. As such, several boutiques are filled with black tops and pants. Such colour options create a stereotype that gets boring over time. You don’t have to rock black clothes from Mondays to Sundays to hide your body size. Thankfully, designs now favour plus-sized individuals looking at trying out different colour options. Find a plus-size tailored cloth of your favourite colour to wear any day of the week. Once in a while, you can spice your fashion style by opting for clothes with prints. Why not jazz your outfits up with some accessories too? Something as simple as an anklet can add a little bit of spice to your look!

The Bottom Line

Shopping for the right plus size clothing for women can be difficult, but it does not have to be. With the tips in this guide, you will still have a variety of choices to choose from for every occasion. Top it all, ensure that you are comfortable and confident in any outfit you select.

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