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Downsizing 101

Did you know that the size of an average single-family home has increased to more than 2,500 square feet or 2 ½ times as big as it was right after World War II? Homeowners have long been convinced that living in as much space as possible is always better, but the reality is more complicated than that.

Why Downsize?

There are many good reasons for downsizing into a smaller home, including:

  • Cutting the amount of clutter in your life
  • Your children may be moving out to start college
  • You would spend less time cleaning the house and maintaining the yard
  • Saving money by lowering your mortgage payments

Deciding to move you and your family into a home with less space should not be made lightly. Take your time to think over every aspect of the move because it’s not simply a question of storage space. Downsizing means changing your lifestyle entirely. Yet the benefits can be well worth it if you do it right. With the right planning and soul-searching, losing some square footage means you can gain more in other aspects of your life.

For more on this, continue reading the infographic below!

Downsizing 101 from Pivotal Home Solutions

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