Dua Lipa Style: How she became the most streamed women of 2017 and her unique style?

With a smashing hit song called “New Rules”, the English singer and model, Dua Lipa slowly rose to stardom. Born to Albanian parents in London in 1995, her musical career started at the age of 14 when after a trip to Kosovo, she returned to London alone and started posting covers of her favourite songs on YouTube. At 22, she is already a singing star who is becoming more popular than Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and Rihanna. She is increasingly being seen as the authentic voice of young womanhood in the UK, as she is independent, cool and in command of her personal life.

As she signed to Warner Music Group in 2015, she released her first singles ‘’New Love’’ and “Be the One”. ‘’Be the One’’ quickly became a hit song as it topped the charts in more than 11 European territories. According to her, her musical style is called ‘’dark pop’’ which conveys her feminist views. Her sultry vocals and hip-hop inspired pop beats quickly made an impact in the music industry. It is of no wonder that when the song ‘’New Rules’’ followed afterwards, it became a success. This success made her one of the most streamed women of 2017 in the UK, according to Spotify’s year-end figures. She is not the only one though. If you want to see more stylish women, you can try Cleopatra, Agent Jane Blonde, Lady Robinhood and Lady of Egypt Slots at UK’s best online bingo site, Bingo Extra.

Dua Lipa has always promoted her feminist views in her work and stressed on the importance of uplifting her female fans. Hence, “New Rules” is almost like an anthem which explains how to rekindle a relationship with a dishonest ex. One line from the song is: “If you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him”, which clearly portrays the idea of female solidarity.

“New Rules” is one UK’s top trending videos of 2017 with over 746 million views on You Tube. Thus, the song gradually climbed up the charts. Videos of Dua’s song “Be the One” have also gone viral, which adds up to her success. However, her success is not limited to streaming only. Half of the sales of her debut album (1.2 million worldwide) were physical purchases, which made it obvious that Dua Lipa is not just a streaming artist but much bigger than that. The secret behind her success is her hard work and perseverance, which have yielded great results so far. Streaming is good for an artist’s longevity in the music world, as long as more and more albums are released.

According to chart expert James Masterton, Dua Lipa seems to be the most in demand singer of the moment. “New Rules” is very aptly named as Dua is in fact revolutionising the music industry with her unique style. As we bid farewell to 2017 and welcome the year 2018, Dua Lipa is already planning to build on the success that she has achieved so far. So most likely, we will listen to her 7th single in 2018. Her rise has the possibility of changing the music world for good.

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