Feeding the Soul

Do you ever have one of those days, perhaps even extended over a couple of days to a week, when you just feel like there’s something missing? You can’t quite put your finger on exactly what it is and you cannot point to a specific event as the source of this feeling, but you feel as if you’d describe yourself as incomplete?

This feeling can create a knock-on effect, radiating externally even through the way you rock your outfit. This is especially pronounced when it’s perhaps an outfit you usually look good in and yet on this particular occasion it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

While this feeling of emptiness can escalate into something like the depression some people suffer from, ordinarily it’s quite a normal thing to have to experience. You just need to make a bit of an effort to keep it in check and all it really takes is feeding the soul.

How exactly does one feed the soul? I mean it sounds a bit corny, doesn’t it?

Satisfying experiences

Although your soul needs feeding when you have that empty feeling, it doesn’t mean it’s completely depleted. You may just need one good experience to fill it right up again and the key is to make it a satisfying one, in whatever small way.

Play a game of Solitaire until you win one for example – it’s small ‘victories’ like these which are seemingly frivolous that have the most power to lift the soul.

Listen to an old song you particularly love or just do something which in a way guarantees ‘success.’

Genuinely doing things for yourself

What are some things you love doing – things you genuinely love doing, and by genuinely I mean you don’t have the inclination to validate their enjoyment by sharing it to your social networking platforms? Genuinely do something nice for yourself – something which you draw great enjoyment out of, whether there’s someone around to see or not.

Extending the goodwill

The only thing better than doing something you genuinely enjoy for yourself in a  bid to account for that empty feeling is to invite someone else along who perhaps enjoys that particular activity just as much as you do. No smartphones and no social media – genuinely savour the moment and take it in using as many of your natural senses at a time as you can.

Sympathy and empathy

It’s been often said that you first have to take care of yourself in order to fill up your own cup so that you cannot try to pour from an empty cup in trying to help others, but that pretty much applies to the finances. Charity begins at home and all that, otherwise spiritually, in order to refill your soul you should practice a bit of empathy if not sympathy. Sending someone who could do with such an act of kindness any one of the many great sympathy gift baskets available might cause just a little dent in your pocket, but that subsequent comfort the recipient perhaps momentarily enjoys will do well to fill up your own soul again.

These things work like magic!

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