Functional and Fun Fashion & Interior Decor Principles

Dress with confidence in every aspect of your lifestyle: business, day-to-day life, and social. Whenever you wear clothes, remember this: good style is timeless. Don’t compromise on style because it’s fashionable. A little creativity and some self-expression go a long way.

Minimalistic interior designs are here to stay, but the emphasised functionality in items such those which you require to have the best emp shielding should not take anything away from the stylishness. Stylish, timeless decor is not about a bunch of new furniture, but how you blend it with old pieces of furniture. Modern designers like Cesar Millan and Ryan Serhant have blended materials to build modern pieces of furniture that look timeless.

New furniture looks old, the new look of our homes need to give a sense of something new and modern. Modern furniture is here to stay, e.g. chairs with clean lines, and is perfect for any modern interior. Good furniture doesn’t need any storage, this is where designers like Gabriel Wood have a huge impact on home décor.

Hang your pocketbooks and wallets in the middle of the room. Mix a piece of wood with chain. Make your wall into a display. Mix different types of fabrics and mix the old with the new. Build the wall into something new and modern. Use a display case as a dining table for small business meetings. Hang a framed photo of your grandchildren in the dining room. Use gold and silver paint and fabric for one of your walls. Use any piece of furniture to serve as a buffet table or dining table.

Invest in a leather couch and a leather footstool. Choose your favourite patterns. Good decor can look really old and stylish. Use wood and fabrics and colours of metal. Be true to yourself and do the things that you love. Use wood as a contrast to your furniture. Use different types of wood for different purposes. The wood of your furniture can also be used as a base for other decorative pieces of furniture. Use different finishes, in different combinations.

Flip-flops are trendy right now, but chunky-soled shoes are not a fashion faux-pas. Flip-flops look great with sandals, or your favourite pair of comfortable shoes. It doesn’t matter if you flip your clothes on and off at a business meeting or you wear the same shirt with different shoes. Leave a permanent impression on business meetings and you can wear the same clothes for several days.

Smoke up the room. When lighting a room it’s important to take notice of the surrounding spaces. You should light your room with lots of different colours. Light all of your rooms with one strong light source, and then add shadows in different areas of the rooms. This way the rooms will look different and will draw your attention to different things. This means that you will probably need a large light, especially if there is a lot of space that needs lighting up. Perhaps a chandelier would be ideal for this. By visiting, for example, homeowners could get a custom chandelier made to suit their style and interior. Hopefully, this will light the rooms effectively. Additionally, paint your walls in different colours, and then add an accent wall or an accent wall with a piece of art. To learn about how to make your home smell good, click here.

An oversized floor lamp looks a little tacky. Use the wall behind the lamp to hang an awesome sculpture. Put all of your clocks on one wall. This way you can have a clock on the wall when it matters, and you can put all of your clocks on another wall when it doesn’t matter. Take advantage of wall space.

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