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Get Beach Ready for 2019 - Fantastic Girl

Get Beach Ready for 2019

So, you have that fantastic summer holiday booked in some far-flung or just exceedingly hot sandy beach destination. Although you may be incredibly excited about your holiday, it could be, like a lot of us, you are apprehensive and nervous. Perhaps you don’t see yourself as having a typical beach-ready body and are worried about sticking out like a sore thumb. You don’t need to be overly stressed about that though, not if you take on board some of our clever and practical beach ready tips we’ve put together in the following post.

Ready Your Hair for the Holiday

Look after your hair and it will look after you – or help you look like the stunning beach chick you are deep down. Many people seem to think it’s best to get your hair cut after a holiday, to help it recover. However, many experts swear by getting it cut before your holiday. Why? If you have hair that has a lot of dead ends and is dry, the blazing sun will only damage it more. By having it cut before you go, you are ensuring that it is in peak condition.

Accentuate Your Eyes

Make-up and a day at the beach do not go hand in hand very easily. What is the point in putting all that time and effort to make yourself look like a stunning goddess if all the seawater, sweat and sun is going to cause it to run? Add to that the fact it’s hard to find 100% waterproof mascaras. So, what do you do to help those gorgeous long and dark toned eyelashes, if you have them? Consider having your eyelashes tinted. This will give you a very fresh and appealing look, regardless if you go for a dip or not.

Pay Close Attention to Your Feet

When you are on the beach or even just walking around in the hot weather, you will want to wear sandals or some other loose and unrestricted form of footwear. These kinds of shoes will look much more attractive if you do not have calluses and cracked heels So, it’s a good idea to give your feet some love and attention before you go by investing in an intensive pedicure. Another trick is to use a vibrant and strong nail colour as this can draw attention away from any parts of your feet you may be less than happy about.

Keep Everything Smooth

Even if you are a woman that does not worry about hair in those less visible areas, when you are wearing a skimpy little two-piece, and trying to look your best, you may want to consider a trim here and there. Although you can go to a salon and have a professional work their magic around your intimate areas, this isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, there are some great options for doing it yourself from the comfort of your own home. Check out these bikini trimmer reviews for help in choosing the best for you.

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