How long does it take to get money after a settlement- Miami

Once the request for the medical claim of personal injury is approved, the client gets eager to wrap up the case to get their compensation quickly and cover up the medical bills through the payment they get. But they aren’t aware of the lengthy procedure it takes as the settlement procedure isn’t easy as it seems to be, and it requires some time. It can take a maximum of six weeks to get everything sorted, but getting there is complicated. A Miami medical malpractice attorney can analyze and get maximum compensation on your behalf. In this blog, you will read what goes in the process of getting money after a settlement.

Signing documents.

Finally, once done with the settlement process, the lawyer will be drafting a series of forms to sign on. According to your circumstances, the process might be simple or too lengthy depending on person to person. The attorney has to read all these documents carefully and thoroughly, ensuring no additional terms and conditions are applied, or it can get problematic. There can be a lot of negotiation happening back and forth with which the victim might have to renew and get the documents signed before settlement can proceed further. 

The insurance company processes the release and cuts a check. 

Once the insurance company receives the signed released documents, they should process a settlement check. The insurance company members will make sure to check the payable to the victim and the attorney and send it to your attorney. The procedure should be smooth and straightforward, but a few insurance companies might delay the payment due to some silly reasons. Make sure to contact the lawyer for a safer side.

An attorney will deduct legal fees and costs.

Once the lawyer’s payment is made, you will deduct fees and costs from your settlement. Generally, when it is a case of negligence, a good medical malpractice lawyer should be able to get you a large sum in damages, so that the deduction of fees doesn’t seem too heavy. Meanwhile, the victims’ legal costs and fees will be depending on the factors related to the victims’ case. Always have detailed documents of the legal price you’ll be receiving. If you have any doubts in mind, make sure to discuss them with your injury lawyer, and he can help you with all of these things. 


Be prepared to navigate and thoroughly research the settlement and receive legal costs and expenses. So you, as a victim, ensure being on a safer side that procedure is happening accordingly. If you can’t understand, talking to your lawyer will help you navigate the whole process in a much easier way.

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