How to choose the correct sunscreen for your skin type

Our skin is our largest organ and the one most exposed to external conditions. Our skin is also a means by which we can control our appearance, which is why many choose Secret PRO skin resurfacing and similar treatments to ensure their skin is soft, supple and smooth. There are ways of looking after our skin that are important for our wellbeing, and then there is the ever-pressing desire to look our best. While it is now commonly accepted that we cannot lather our body in oils to tan ourselves golden, it is still challenging to find a sunscreen that will offer protection without compromising your skin type. In addition, our use of exfoliants and toners can make our skin more sensitive to the impact of UV light.

It is a complex problem and one that is pressing with the summer months upon us. Here we explore the different sunscreens available and consider which one to choose for your skin type.

But why?

We are aware that UV rays have damaging effects, and we should use sunscreen to protect our skin from tanning. However, there are individuals who enjoy having a tanned complexion and purposefully expose themselves to UV rays. This is not a wise decision, as UV rays can be very damaging to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that those who wish to have a tanned look visit a skin care center that provides spray tan Lynchburg (or wherever they live) in order to achieve a tanned look without exposing them to harmful UV rays.

And, those who want to protect their skin from the sun should stick to sunscreen. Keep in mind that this sticky and goopy sunscreen is not often a big hit. However, and this is significant, the consequences of no protection from UV rays are premature aging and, at worse, skin cancer. Unfortunately, many people won’t realize they may have skin cancer until further symptoms become apparent and it may be too late to treat by then. In fact, some people may be unaware that they have it at all, especially if their diagnosis has been missed altogether. Of course, if this is the case, looking for a cancer claim solicitor in your area and obtaining the compensation and justice you deserve, should be your main priority.

However, by wearing suncream while in the sun, your chances of developing this type of cancer in the first place is greatly reduced.

Sensitive and damaged skin

Sensitive and damaged skin needs the most protection of all. It is, though, the most likely to sting and burn if subjected to the wrong sunscreen. For some, with repeated application, sunscreen can actually cause significant inflammation. There are products designed specifically for those with such skin and not only protects from the sun but also moisturises and nourishes the skin. Such simple, fragrance-free products can help protect your skin from the sun and help it on the road to recovery.

Oily skin

Adding a goopy concoction to a face that already glows in all the wrong ways is unpleasant. Adding the wrong sunscreen to oil skin can leave you with a stunning gloss finish and condemn you to an outbreak of spots the next day. The look of constant sweating will not top the fashion charts.

There are two products you might try. The first is an oil-free sunscreen that leaves a matte effect. The other option is a sunscreen that also helps to counter acne-prone skin using antioxidants built-in.

Tattooed skin

When you have a tattoo, your main concern is the preservation of the ink. You don’t want that stunning artwork to fade due to creams and concoctions you rub in. Therefore, buying a specialist product designed for tattoo protection is a good shout and will prevent any requirement for a touch up with a needle in the future.

Be aware, you should not apply any sunscreen to a brand-new tattoo for at least four weeks, and likely more like six. This is because you need to give ample time for the tattoo to heal before applying products.

Dull and dry skin

When you have dull, dry skin, the temptation is to get yourself as brown as possible to put some colour and shine in your cheeks. Unfortunately, it won’t work as you will be denying your skin some much-needed hydration and tanning the dead cells that need exfoliating. Applying sunscreen will help in two ways. First, with a hydrating sunscreen, you will be adding the moisture the skin requires to stop it from looking dry. Second, the rubbing process will help you shed those dead cells that give the feel of dullness.


With an increased understanding of the importance of protecting the skin from UV rays, there has been a welcome decrease in the cases of skin cancer. However, many deaths could have been prevented with the appropriate application of sunscreen.

It is fair to worry about the impact on your skin by applying lotions. Therefore, choosing the right product for the right skin type is sensible. There are ways to improve the condition of your skin and protect yourself from UV; it is the perfect example of a win: win.

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