How to get more out of old paper bags

Paper bags are the perfect choice for businesses who want to offer environmentally friendly packaging to their customers.

Whilst paper bags can sometimes be unappealing due to their short lifespan, there are plenty of things that can be done with them once they have gotten too old for carrying the shopping in!

Check out some of our favourite alternative uses for old paper bags:

Wrapping paper

We’ve all experienced the panic of not having any wrapping paper left for birthday gifts that we’ve left a bit too late. Keep any old paper bags, plain or printed, folded up in a drawer and ready to use as a DIY wrapping paper. Eco-friendly and a personal touch can be added with some ribbon.

Transfer food waste

Paper bags will decompose after time just like the waste in your compost bin. Instead of using the flimsy plastic bags that come with food waste bins simply fill a paper bag to take out to your food waste bin or compost, fold the top over and take it out as usual. Be careful to fold the top carefully though, as spillage in or around a compost bin can cause pests such as rodents to swarm. In order to avoid needing pest control (perhaps pest control valdosta way if that’s where you’re based) to come out and deal with an infestation issue, make sure to carefully secure your waste bags. Obviously, this is only needed in extreme cases, but if you are to leave food outside for long periods of time, or food in the bottom of bins, this is when pests get drawn in.

Use as a pressing cloth to protect ironing boards

If your ironing board cover is looking a bit tattered, or if you’d like to give some added protection one you’ve recently purchased, then you could consider using a paper bag when you’re ironing. Just split open a paper bag or two and lightly spritz it with some water. You can then lay them over your ironing board and carry on with ironing your clothes as normal!

There are plenty of uses for paper bags once they have come to the end of their initial use, these are just a few ideas but they are incredibly versatile and old paper bags are especially great for lots of arts and crafts projects.

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