How To Keep Yourself Entertained & Avoid Boredom

Being bored is okay for a while, but it will soon make you feel down and maybe even anxious. You’ll find comfort in knowing that there are a few practical ways for how you can keep yourself entertained and start enjoying life again.

It’ll take an extra effort on your part to commit to some or all of these activities, but it’s likely you’ll be glad you did partake in them at the end of the day. Be open-minded and willing to try new ideas that you maybe haven’t given a second thought to in the past or are apprehensive to investigate further. Ultimately, it’s up to you to fill your time wisely and do more of what makes you happy.

Use Your Creativity

One way to keep yourself entertained and avoid boredom is to put your creative skills to the test. For example, colour, draw, paint or write and explore your imaginative side and see where it takes you. It can be especially rewarding if you spend a lot of your time at work using your logical and analytical side of your brain. Put on some relaxing music in the background and allow yourself to create without judging yourself or what you’re doing.

Fill Your Social Calendar

Keep yourself entertained and avoid boredom by proactively filling your social calendar. For instance, visit and select a show you want to see and ask a friend to come along with you. It is a great way to get yourself out of the house and doing a fun activity right in your own community. Other ideas include going out for coffee or dinner or scheduling a weekend getaway someplace warm.

Complete A DIY House Project

If you look around, there are likely more than enough DIY house projects to keep you busy for a while. Use your free time to put yourself to work around your place and fix up your space. For instance, you can paint the walls, build furniture or fix small leaks or cracks. You’ll quickly find that your boredom subsides when you’re being productive and using your time wisely by attending to your house projects.

Adopt A Dog

Pets are wonderful companions and require extra attention and care from you. Therefore, one idea to avoid boredom and keep entertained is to adopt a dog. Dogs are great to have because they need a lot of exercise, which means you can go hiking or walk with your pet regularly. They also love to play and be entertained themselves so you won’t have as much free time to waste when you have this added responsibility.


Life is full of ups and downs, but sometimes the downs can be frustrating and cause you to feel unmotivated. Change your attitude and work on engaging in more activities that bring a smile to your face and also fill your time. These are a few ways for how you can entertain yourself and avoid boredom so that you don’t waste any more precious moments sitting on the sofa doing nothing.

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