How to Relax

In a world that seems more chaotic and divided with each passing day, it’s important to relax. While it may feel irresponsible to take your eye off the rolling news and comment about whatever ongoing disaster pre-occupies current affairs, it’s important to remember that your attention won’t actually change things, and you can keep yourself informed about what’s going on in the world without being constantly glued to upsetting coverage.

Similarly, many work places promote an unhealthy attitude to work, with the omnipresence of mobile technology meaning people feel they have to answer emails and keep their attention on the office before and during their commute and long into the evening. It’s important to remember, and if at all possible, to remind your boss, that you’re a more effective worker when you have some downtime to refresh yourself and return to work rested.

Today we’re relearning how to relax.

Dressing the Part

It can be hard to draw a line between work and rest, especially if you work from home or bring back work to finish. You start to associate your home with work, and begin to feel the same sense of tension about your kitchen table as you would your office. Reinforce the psychological divide between work and home by changing when you finish for the day – even if your commute home is simply standing up from the desk in your living room!

A change of clothes is a physical reminder that you’ve changed modes – from work to relaxation. Or at least from paid work to domesticity. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, and a full outfit change may create more stress, but swapping smart trousers for jeans, or heels for Sliders slippers tells your body that things have changed, and it’s time to slow down.

Split the Workload!

If you’re coming home from work and spending all your time tidying, cooking and cleaning, it’s possible you’re in an unfair situation. Whether you’re sharing with housemates, family or a romantic partner, the work to be done at home has to be divided equally, otherwise one person bears the brunt of the labour while the others kick back. We no longer live in an age where one salary can support a home, when it made sense for one person to out to work and one person to keep house.

Whether it’s with a rota, with designated jobs, or simply a renewed commitment for everyone to take responsibility for themselves, make sure you’re not shouldering the burden for an entire house, and take some time to simply slow down, and recharge, whether it’s with a long bath, a movie you’ve been meaning to catch up with or a book.

Plan something to look forward to

To help achieve some work-life balance, it can be helpful to plan things to look forward to in advance. So, why not pencil in a spa break to keep you motivated, or book a special meal at a stylish rooftop bar? You don’t always need a special occasion to treat yourself!


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