How to Spruce Up Your Front Yard

People are spending time in their yards more than ever before.  As a space that’s been previously underutilized, you can give your home new life. Do this by dressing it up and upgrading it to fit with what you want your home to reflect in you.

General Maintenance

Although maintenance isn’t the most fun or creatively driven way to spruce up your yard, it is the most crucial step.  If your yard has dead patches, overgrown weeds, a wrecked flowerbed, or random trash from the road- these problems have to be taken care of first; you could consider arranging a visit from a lawn care company like trugreen TX and seeing what they recommend to get things back on track.  Give yourself a clean canvas to start. If you have no flowers in your flowerbed, put down some fresh soil and dig out any rocks or weeds.

Mow your lawn, or rake leaves, or shovel snow depending on the season and where you live.  Even if you have a rock yard, like a lot of Arizona is moving towards, you can still take steps to make sure it’s well maintained.


Give your yard a reason to catch people’s eyes.  Although a yard full of colorful decoration can be fun, try to focus the attention on one or two parts of your landscaping.  If your home itself is a muted color, go for a bright flower bed. Other options are a brightly colored door, fence, or mailbox.  Give their eyes something to be drawn to, and then let the rest of your yard be pleasant for them to appreciate it.

You can, of course, add as much color or liveliness as you like. Everyone’s tastes are different, and your yard should make you happy first and foremost. Try to match the plants and furniture in your yard to the color of your home’s exterior paint job.

Look for Inspiration

If you want a specific style or theme but aren’t sure where to look, it’s okay to search around for inspiration.  Even if you want to drive around neighborhoods you like. Just keep an eye out for things that you’d want to use in your yard.

Areas have specific aesthetics that stick to them as well, like how Albuquerque houses for sale draw the eye with bright brick tones on the outside of the home.  Look around and see if your area has a theme, a lot of houses use as well.

Non-Plant Updates

I touched on this when talking about pops of color, but you can update more than just plant life in your yard.  If you have more available time on your hands, and a project doesn’t scare you away, consider upgrading your driveway and footpaths.  You can replace them with brick, stone, or even concrete poured to look like one of the two- and it will give your home a look not many people have these days.

Some fence in their front yards, this can give your home a classic Americana feeling which can make it seem more homey and welcoming.  Consider what impression you want your yard to have, and go for something that suits it. Don’t be shy, although you may feel like a birdbath is a lot, if you have space and inspiration, you can make anything work for your yard.

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