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How to Stay Trendy While Using Common Sense - Fantastic Girl

How to Stay Trendy While Using Common Sense

As a great philosopher once said, “the only constant thing in life is change”. The ocean currents change, the orientation of the wind changes, the seasons change, and along with all the other changes that occur in life, fashion trends change as well.

Actually, fashion trends have been changing even faster than they once did. Designers are finding it hard to keep up for the demand for new styles for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Some designers are even squeezing in an extra collection in between seasons.

This is particularly common with the titans of retail such as Zara and H&M, where you find more than four clothing seasons in one year. Fashion trends tend to change monthly in the aforementioned retailers.

Staying up to date can be costly, tiring, an environmental hazard and on many occasions even toxic for your health.

It is obvious that one does not want to stand out in a crowd for the wrong reasons, like being outdated, or simply looking boring and plain. But how can one stay trendy without having to go to extra lengths to achieve it?

Opt for traditional outfits

There are certain garments that will never go out fashion, such as the classic V neck sweater, an A-shaped black dress, a denim jacket, jeans and flats, among others.

These are garments that have been basic items in a wardrobe for decades. Instead of wasting your money in an expensive jacket, you can instead opt for a trendy top and accessorize it with the denim jacket you’ve been wearing since your teenage years.

Don’t make long-lasting changes in the name of fashion

Tattoos have been booming lately. Back in the 70s and 80s, they used to be art dedicated, almost exclusively, to rock stars and punks. Nowadays almost everyone has a tattoo. Tattoo designs have trends as well, in the early 2000s it was Chinese letters, then came the butterfly in the tailbone, now it’s minimalistic geometric figures or watercolour designs. Remember that this is permanent. You don’t want to make such a commitment for something that is solely a trend.

Hair also has its trends, in the early 2010s, half a head shaved was the style to rock, now is colourful unicorn styles, this, of course, can have damaging effects on your natural hair. And in the case of going for anything shaved, keep in mind you’ll have to wait a long time for it to grow back, instead, you can choose to wear a wig, without making a long-term commitment to a certain style. Check for the best selection of wigs, and find one you’ll like to rock.

Choose what you like not what is trendy

This might seem like a paradox given the title of this article. But keep in mind that many fashion trends that start booming are just completely ridiculous. There’s a reason why so many social media influencers mock Fashion Week. Because many trends are just designed to make you waste your hard-earned money on a garment that will be outdated in two-months-time.

When you shop look for styles and garments that you like, that you feel comfortable wearing, confidences stand out a lot more than fashion trends.

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