Keeping Your Pets Healthy Naturally

Everyone agrees that pets add joy and richness to our lives. Whether you prefer to share your life with a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or even a bird, the brightness that their little spirits add to our existence is immeasurable.

Since you love your pets so much, you want to make sure they are free from pain, stress, anxiety, and injury. At times this can feel difficult, since their body systems are so different than ours, and they can’t communicate the same way we do. However, we aren’t as different as you may think. And if you take the time to sit quietly with your pet and pay attention to their signals, you will learn a great deal about how to help them enjoy their lives.

Pets experience stress, anxiety, and chronic pain just like humans, and these symptoms can stem from a variety of causes. From separation anxiety to skin issues, when a pet is living under chronic stress, the results are reflected in their physical health – just like us!

Some pets are sensitive to gluten and additives in their food, so if your dog or cat is experiencing skin issues like hives, bumps, or scabbing, consider switching to a pet food that is gluten and grain-free. It’s also important to make sure that there aren’t unnecessary chemical additive or food by-products in their food, as that can cause uncomfortable digestive issues as well.

CBD for pets is an exciting new field of natural pet health support that deserves some consideration, especially for pets who regularly experience anxiety. CBD, also known as hemp extract, is a versatile and gentle product made from the hemp plant, which is full of beneficial compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD, unlike cannabis, is very unlikely to be psychoactive, meaning that it provides the benefits of hemp without the psychological symptoms (such as increased anxiety, paranoia, or confusion). Many CBD companies now provide CBD products for dogs (such as Glow CBD for dogs) as they are passionate about the benefits of cannabis products in regards to easing anxiety and eliminating any aches or pains they might be suffering from. CBD is very gentle, and CBD products that are specially formulated for pets to ensure that your pet will experience the benefits – from calming inflammation to relaxation and easing of anxious energy – without any added side effects. Therefore, using the best cbd for dogs can turn an anxious dog into a relaxed pooch, which is great for both dog and owner.

There are also many products on the market that assists your pets with relaxation by creating a feeling of safety in their environment. For some dogs and cats, being separated from their people can be excruciating, and they can experience intense separation anxiety. Weighted blankets and sweaters can help them to calm themselves and find relief.

It’s also well-known that loud noises like thunderstorms and fireworks can trigger your pets into feelings of helplessness and fear. Crates that are specially designed to be dark, quiet, and secure can be a wonderful respite for your pets when they are feeling the emotional upset from loud or unexpected noises in their environment.

Mindfulness and being present are the first steps towards finding a solution that will help your beloved pets enjoy life to the fullest. Just because cats, dogs, rabbits, and birds don’t use words, doesn’t mean they don’t communicate.

Through body language, they communicate their needs, and if you just take the time to listen, you can discover the best ways to make sure that your furry friends are happy and healthy for years to come.

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