Makeup Goals: The Charming Cat Eye

Once in a while, you would like that extra oomph in your life. You want to feel a bit extra to give you the confidence you desire. One of the things at your advantage is makeup. How so, you may wonder. Nailing a look, as most people refer to it, sets you apart from most people. You can use different products such as foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, or lip-gloss for a full makeup look or a simple look using very few products.

For a simple yet bold look, the charming cat eye has to be the look. It is fierce yet straightforward, soft yet bright. To get it right, here are some helpful tips.

Products to Use

1. An eyeliner

This is a beauty product used to apply contours around the eyes to create different aesthetic looks; moreover, it adds more definition to the eye. In addition to that, there are different types of eyeliner: liquid, powder-based, wax-based, and Kohl, to mention a few. 

2. A primer

You might ask yourself, why a primer? A primer provides protection to some extent. It sits below your skin and your makeup. In addition to that, it helps smoothen your skin’s surface, which evens out your skin and goes a long way to make your makeup last longer.

3. A concealer

This is a beauty product used to cover blemishes on your skin. Moreover, it is used to hide different pigments on your skin by blending them out.

4. Wipes (makeup wipes)

A wipe is a moist, small piece of cloth used for cleaning purposes. These are used to clean out smudges or errors when doing your makeup.

Steps To Take Before Doing The Cat Eye

Step 1: Prepare your eyes

Before you begin your makeup, you need to clean your face. Germs are everywhere and you need a clean base for your cat eye. Grab a wet wipe and get to cleaning.

Step 2: Choose your eyeliner. Some eyeliners come prepackaged with a brush attached while some require an additional brush; it all depends on the type of eyeliner you choose to get. 

Doing Your Cat Eye Makeup

A: Upper lash 

As gentle as you can be, you need to line the upper lash using slow, small strokes with your brush. Short strokes will help you gradually build up to your desired thickness as it also prevents you from making a big mess on your lid.

B: Angles

Yes, I know, angles are everywhere at this point. Frustrating, but do you want that perfect cat eye or not? You need to follow your natural eye shape for this to work. If you struggle with shaky hands, an angled brush is your savior to mapping out your flick.

C: Making a flick

With the map you created above, make some dotted lines with your eyeliner brush to make the flick. Once you do this, fill in the dotted line to connect it to your lash line.

D: Cleaning up

Your hand might have gotten a little bit shaky while drawing on the cat eye. It is, therefore, vital that you use a cotton swab to correct the mess. 

Variations On Your Cat Eye

  1. A Bold Look
  • Do you want to make a statement? Turn a couple of heads? As you do your makeup, make your upper lash line, thick. This will make your eyes appear more daring and dramatic, but for that long-eye look, create a thin line.
  1. Longer Wing
  • The length of your flick determines how dramatic your look will be. This can, however, go wrong very fast, so be careful so that it does not get out of hand.
  1. Edgy or Straight
  • What statement is your outfit making that day? If edgy, make a sharper flick. Are you dressing down? A curved flick will do the trick.

Types Of Cat Eye Looks

As you get more comfortable with your makeup and want to try out different looks, the following variations of the cat eye will do you justice.

The Smokey Eye

  1. Create your cat eye with an eye pencil that can be easily smudged. 
  2. If you do not own one, a brush can smudge it out just as well.
  3. On your lower lash line, use your pencil to line it and create a smudge.
  4. For that extra pop, clean up your look using a concealer.

Apply Some Eyeshadow

Sauce! Color! Eyeshadow palette? Yes, add some color to your eyelid, blend it out, and then create your simple cat eye.

Apply Some Glitter

In a crowd, you stand out as you have different traits compared to the person next to you. Glitter, in this case, will be your new trait. How may you ask? 

  1. Draw your cat eye.
  2. Add a smokey effect.
  3. Line the lower lash line with some glitter of your choice using a very fine brush for that sparkle you need.

Some Extra Tips

As you draw on your flick, avoid pulling the skin near your brow bone, as you will end up messing with the shape. To make it easier to do your flick, you can look towards the floor. This makes your skin smoother to work on.

How do you see what you’re doing? Use a makeup mirror to help you fix up the smaller, finer details of your look. Besides, a dressing table is more comfortable to work on. Why? It supports your body, in this case, your elbows, as you do your makeup—a steady hand will result in a more elegant outcome.

Be careful as you do your makeup not to spill any into your eye as this can cause irritation.

Remember to also use genuine products to avoid harmful reactions from subpar products. It would also help taking a makeup lesson from an artist to gain further knowledge and skills.

Take off your makeup after a long day with some makeup wipes. Do not sleep in your makeup, as this transfers it to your bedding and can lead to skin breakouts.

You are beautiful, you are bold, you are edgy, and you are smart. Do not be afraid to try out bold looks. Go out into the world while rocking your charming cat eye, because you can and because that wing is mighty elegant. At first, it might be hard to perfect your look but practice always makes it perfect, so practice drawing your cat eye.

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