Not just a man’s world: ways into gaming for women

Gaming is often considered to be something of a man’s pursuit – and studies show that men, on the whole, do play more often than women. However, gaming is something that women can do also, and there are plenty of high-profile female role models who set this example. From Kim Kardashian West’s excitement around the release of Call of Duty a few years ago to Cameron Diaz’s love for World of Warcraft, there are lots of women celebrities who are leading the way when it comes to gaming. If you’re a woman who’s looking to enjoy some downtime by playing a game or two, then here are some top tips on how to start your gaming career!

Fill your downtime 

On the whole, women tend to be just as busy as men – but they also tend to have more moments to spare here and there during the day. While it’s certainly not the case that this applies to all women, many will know how common it is to find yourself sat with the kids in doctors’ waiting rooms, for example, or having ten minutes to yourself at the school gates before pick-up time. Gaming is a great way to fill this sort of downtime. By taking a mobile phone with games downloaded onto it with you wherever you go, you can make those spare few moments fly by and enjoy something for yourself. 

Try casino games 

No matter what your gender, everyone could do with a few extra dollars from time to time. If you fancy earning a little extra for that next trip to the bar with your girlfriends, say, it’s wise to look at internet casino gaming as a route into your new gaming career. As well as offering you the chance to get a bit more cash, games such as craps, poker and blackjack are also fun and exciting – and online gambling doesn’t require a cumbersome console, either. 

Be strong 

Sadly, though, some people with an outdated mindset may not understand why you’re choosing to spend your free time gaming. In order to make the most of your new hobby, you may have to develop a thick skin and be as strong as possible. Whether your male friends laugh at you or your girlfriends recoil in horror when you tell them that you’ve started gaming, just surge on ahead and carry on doing what you do!

Gaming is a fun pursuit for everyone to enjoy no matter what your gender. Sadly, though, the gaming world is dominated by men – and it’s still considered unusual for a woman to get involved. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. By fitting games around your busy lifestyle and staying strong-minded in the face of any teasing you might receive, you can create a gaming side to your life that will be fun and rewarding in equal measure.

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