Paint N Sip Events for Parties


The current COVID-19 pandemic has taught us to stay home and stay safe. Yes, it has curbed our freedom to go out and have a great time with our friends whenever we wanted, but it hasn’t curbed our creativity in any way. The lockdown has taught us how we can make the most use of the time on our hands. One of the most innovative ways to enjoy with our friends without stepping out of our homes is paint n sip events.

What are some ideas for paint n sip events?

As you sip a glass of your favorite wine, and while you unleash your artistic capabilities, do you also want to party with your loved ones? Here are some popular paint n sip ideas that are in vogue today:

Paint at Home Kits

These are virtual painting kits that are available for both kids and adults. It contains all the essential materials such as canvas, colors, brushes, and detailed instructions on how to paint. This is a great way to spend time with your friends and family. There is nothing more exciting than painting and sipping your favorite wine at the same time.

Girls’ Night Out

Book your private painting party as you get to enjoy interesting painting sessions with your girl squad. All you need to do is get the services of the right studio so that you only have to carry wine & snacks for the outing. As a professional artist trains you on using your painting kit, you and your friends get an excellent chance to let your hair down and laugh merrily like kids while creating wonderful pieces of art. You could make it even better by wearing your nightgown (find these on https://slipintosoft.com/collections/silk-nightgown) so that it feels like you’re partying in your own space.

Team building office parties

Team building sessions are no more boring when you get to paint, drink and socialize with your office friends. All you need to do is arrange for your drinks & snacks while you book a team-building paint party. Suppose, if you are hosting the team event online through virtual platforms (visit https://www.goldcast.io/event-management-platform, for example), then you can let the members know ahead of time what all supplies they need to bring for the team event. But with the offline event, with the studio arranging the art supplies for you, you just have to paint, let go of your inhibitions and get to know each other in your team.

Paint Date Night

You may have come across many interesting date night ideas, but painting tops all of it. Painting date nights with your loved one helps you feel relaxed and create great memories. Enjoy wine, cheese and chocolates at a studio near you, as you get an artist to guide you through creating beautiful artwork on the canvas, while all the painting supplies provided by them. Isn’t this a far exciting idea than watching the same sitcom together again and again?

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