Prevent Ring Problems On Your Wedding Day

If you are thinking about popping the question to your loved one, then you should consider mounting the ring onto a ring pillow when you finally get married at your wedding ceremony. Indeed, you may want to use a ring pillow during the ceremony to show your guests the rings before you become man and wife. However, there are a number of considerations that you must think about to make sure the rings are mounted correctly on the pillow while also making sure the page boys are aware of their important job. Indeed, weddings can often be fraught with worry, especially if you have young page boys who will have to carry the ring cushion at the wedding. However, by following these simple tips you can make sure the ring bearer at your wedding remains calm, as well as in control, so as not cause any unexpected problems by losing the rings.


One of the simplest things that you can do to make sure that your page boys feel incorporated into the wedding day is to tell them of their responsibility in holding the rings. Indeed, if you have mounted your wedding ring on a lace wedding ring cushion, you can tell the page boy that he is important and trustworthy. Furthermore, by carrying out this simple task he will feel responsible as well as grown-up while you can also make sure your day goes without a hitch by telling him he is especially important.

Practice the ceremony

Having a wedding rehearsal is another way of preventing any unexpected problems from occurring, especially by giving the page boy the ring cushion to hold during the rehearsals. Indeed, you should also talk to his parents to make sure he understands what is expected of him, especially smiling and walking slowly behind the bride. This can be done by carrying out regular practice until he feels comfortable with the job. However, this does not mean than an unexpected event will occur during your wedding, but regular practise can reduce the potential for things to go wrong.

Use fake rings

Another simple tip that you can follow is to make sure that problems are minimised on your wedding day by giving the page boy fake rings while giving the best man the actual rings. Indeed, if you are not confident that your young page boy will be able to undertake the task without losing the rings, you could merely attach a symbolic ring to the pillow and then give the real rings to the best man who will pass them to the person conducting the service. This can also reduce the pressure on the young child while also reducing your own stress levels as the rings on the pillow are only symbolic.

Choose an older page boy

Lastly, to prevent unexpected problems you could give the task of ring bearer to one of your older page boys. Indeed, another option which is available is to choose an older page boy to carry the ring or choose one who has the responsibility to look after the younger one. This will also reduce your stress levels, especially in combination with the use of fake rings on the ring cushion.

Make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible by using a ring pillow as well as following these simple tips to make sure no expected problems occur.

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