Redecorating On A Budget

As we head into the fall this is a perfect time to consider redecorating our homes to make them all cozy for the cooler months to come. Summer colors can transition into warm oranges, reds and yellows. Redecorating does not mean blowing our whole budget on trinkets that will simply get in our way and cause us stress as will trip over them for years to come. Redecorating can easily be done on a budget and we can find ways to refresh our homes which have the benefit of helping us refresh our own lives and be open to new possibilities. What is keeping you from redecorating?


While many of us think of spring clearing in truth fall//winter cleaning can be even more impactful. The first step is to have a good picture of what you have by doing an inventory. There are many ways to do such an inventory, one popular method is the KonMari Method which is focused on going through your room category by category and determining what items spark joy. This can be used as a basis for your fall cleaning even if you don’t want to put in the time to complete the whole system. What items do you have around your home that you have never used or used at one point but now they are just taking up space and collecting dust? Consider if you can donate those items or possibly regifting them this holiday season. What is just clutter in your home might be just what someone else would love in their own.


Once you have had a chance to simplify your home consider what your dream home might look like. Think about your home both in terms of style and function. Do you need to set up a workstation so your children can focus when going to classes virtually? Do you need more storage next to the door because stuff keeps being thrown on the floor? Do you imagine a very modern and sleek look or a cozy and nick nack filled home? How do different colors make you feel? You might be tempted to skip this step because you don’t have a lot of time or energy but if you don’t imagine what you would like you will never be happy with what you end up with.


One you have simplified and imagined what you want and need in terms of style for your home you can explore how to make your home dreams come true. There are numerous tricks to decorate on the budget which can run from easy to complex projects which need advanced skills. An easy way to redecorate is simply to change out any soft items. It is amazing how much of a different a different color bedding or a throw pillow you forgot you owned can make on how a room feels. You can even change the color of an entire room easily thanks to the simplicity of peel and stick wallpaper. Another trick is to use storage containers creatively, for example paint an old box to bring a pop of color and create a place to put your shoes when you walk in the door.
If you find that repurposing items you already have is not enough the next step might be to check out a resale shop to avoid buying new and adding credit card debt. Resale shops are often filled with treasures which can really change the feel of your home for very little cash. What no longer fits in one person’s home might be perfect in your own. You can also consider swaps where friends or those in a community get to both simplify their own homes while also finding gems that spark joy. If it is time to redecorate take a breath and know you can have the home of your dreams without breaking your budget. Redecorating can be very budget friendly.

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