Self-Care in 2019

Self-care is one of those terms that gets used for beyond its original definition – largely by people selling expensive candles. ‘Self-care’ is imagined to mean relaxing in a deep, hot bath, surrounded by candles, perhaps with an expensive glass of wine on the go.

The reality is, many people – those especially in need of some self-care – don’t have access to the budget and facilities that make this sort of relaxation possible. Self-care doesn’t mean conforming to some elite ideal, it means finding ways to restore your mental and physical energy and sense of comfort that fit into your own life.

Today we’re taking a look at ways you can dissipate stress and restore your emotional stamina with some practical, achievable self-care tips.

Getting Specific

The most important thing to do is make decisions that are specific to you: don’t do things that are meant to make people, en masse, feel good, look at your specific needs and abilities, and use what you can do to address what you need doing.

If you’re not as physically able, then self-care for you might involve simple rest: easing your aching limbs. If you’re able to put in place systems so that for one day a week at least you don’t need to make a trying journey, or avoid a challenging activity like cooking, then you’ll have the chance to restore yourself and your energy for another week.

Self-care can either be a chance to minister to particular stresses or challenges you have to live with day to day, or to ignore them for a short time – to enjoy the luxury of clearing your mind and doing something you can enjoy without having to accommodate those challenges. If you find movement difficult and painful, simply finding a comfortable position for the afternoon with everything you need around you to read and watch television is self-care.

The Experts

If you do have a bit of time and money to spend then you can call in the experts. If you find it relaxing to be pampered then aestheticians and beauty parlours await your custom: finding somewhere in the city like the Skinsmiths Skin Clinic Liverpool Street allows you to fit into a lunchtime skin care treatment when you really need it, potentially earthing some destructive stress and allowing you to return to work fired up.

If you have even more resources at your disposal you can take it further – a weekend away in a spa hotel is the ultimate extension of the luxurious bath approach to the problem, but the thing you need to remember is you don’t need to spend yourself poor to care for yourself. Do what you know you need, not what you’re told you want.

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