Setting Yourself Apart as an AirBnB Host

Setting yourself apart as an AirBnB host is easy. Simply sell either a homeowner’s or vacation rental property with a price point that isn’t even in the ballpark of what AirBnB has managed to push to new highs of $70/night. That said, renting out a condo or house with reasonable pricing is probably the safest way to offer potential guests a great deal. A typical unit will only sell at a few hundred dollars per night, compared to the thousands of dollars the highest priced luxury listings tend to bring in.

Being part of the AirBnB community means making it easy for guests to find you and once they’ve found you they’ll be locked into a price point that can generate income. Perhaps, if you plan ahead, you’ll even be able to scale your property prices and offer higher-priced vacation rentals to set yourself apart from the rest. Some of the best incident management software sourced from a third-party can be deployed if you want to take less direct involvement in the day-to-day management of your property.

Overall, this is a great opportunity to find a sustainable income stream in the long-term. At the most basic level, hosts can just charge guests what they feel comfortable and some locations offer higher pricing than others.

Setting Up an AirBnB Property

Getting started with AirBnB is also easy. Simply sign up as an AirBnB host. Go to your profile page and fill in your information and keep it updated. If you decide to turn your property into an AirBnB vacation rental, go ahead and make that process go fast by adding a link to your Airbnb property listing, allowing potential guests to check it out at any time.

AirBnB provides tons of useful tools, like an ability to track reviews, a housekeeper, bed bug detection and, if you ask for it, credit card processing.

You can find out more about AirBnB properties and properties that people are renting out by looking for keywords like:

Poseidon House

Compton House

Arlington House

Infiniti House

Learn more about what will likely become some commercial grade operational considerations you’ll need to account for, like odor control.

Setting Up a Vacation Rental Property

The best way to set yourself apart from the competition is to create a property with great value. Not a lot of people are willing to put in the effort it takes to manage vacation rentals, so if you’re going to do this, be prepared to put in the time. Alternatively, you can take the assistance of property management firms that specialize in vacation rentals. They can help ensure that you manage the property in a smooth manner. For instance, partnering with a property management firm, like Vello Denver (if that’s where you are located), can provide services, like concierge support and maintenance, which can help you catch the eyes of prospective travelers. These in turn, can help you to streamline operations and maximize your rental income.

Now, if you want to make a vacation rental property that is a money maker, it’s all in the marketing. All it can take is a gimmick such as parking a vehicle at you property which is custom fitted by the guys over at It may have absolutely nothing to do with your hosting package, but it creates a unique buzz around your specific place.

The Guesthouse & Steakhouse

As the owner of a restaurant with plans to convert our patio into a romantic boutique hotel, I have the unique opportunity to help people find a vacation rental property to stay in. It can be easy to spend months working on a great property but when you’re not selling one you’re working on another.

You’re really only setting yourself up for failure if you’re just going to sit around waiting for someone to rent your place out. Take the initiative and set yourself apart by renting your property and offering the best value you can. When you make it easy for a potential client to check out your property, you’ll be ahead of the pack and most people will spend their time looking for your property rather than looking for your competitor’s.

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