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Skin Care 101: 3 Things You’re Doing Wrong - Fantastic Girl

Skin Care 101: 3 Things You’re Doing Wrong

It’s the winter and you know what that means: cold, windy days and bundling up as much as possible to keep your bones from freezing. Especially during cold temperatures, your skin seems to suffer the most due to the low humidity and harsh temperatures. It is easy to make a few mistakes and leave your skin dry, itchy and flaky. Here are three ways you can improve to ensure your skin has its natural glow even during the winter.

You’re Not Taking A Supplement

An omega-3 supplement can definitely improve the quality, shine and moisture content of your skin. During the winter, your face and hands are exposed to the cold weather and dry out extremely easily. Luckily, omega-3 builds up the skin barrier and keeps your skin healthy and clear. You can ignore heavy creams that may clog your pores and rely on the help of this supplement to maintain healthy skin cells. Although many foods are rich in omega-3, like salmon, walnuts and avocados, most people do not eat enough to get the correct amount of omega-3. That’s why taking a supplement is a quick and easy solution to ensure you’re getting enough.

Look at websites like Research and You before grabbing the first omega-3 supplement off the shelf. You want to find a high quality and pure capsule that just has omega-3 and nothing else. Look for supplements that contain both types of omega-3: EPA and DHA. You need at least 500 mg of both to get the full benefits of this supplement. You also will be happy to know that omega-3 not only keeps your skin healthy. It boosts your brain function, improves your memory, and flushes out toxins from your body by providing antioxidants. Your health will improve overall by taking omega-3.

You’re Using Hot Water

If you have a cleansing routine to wash of your makeup and other products you’ve layered on your skin throughout the day, you’re already ahead of the crowd. You should find a morning and night routine that best fits you and your time constraints to maintain a fresh, healthy look. However, a lot of people tend to use hot, steaming water to wash their skin. Big mistake! Using hot water tightens your pores and makes your skin even more dry than when you started. Because hot water evaporates more quickly than cold, the cracks already on your skin expose your sensitive nerves to the air, leading to tight, red skin. Some skin experts call this the “winter itch”. Instead, wash with cooler water (it doesn’t have to be freezing!) to open up your pores and maintain the moisture content of your skin.

If taking a cold shower sounds like torture, you should try to implement this method on your face. The skin on your face is much thinner and prone to cracking or redness more than any other part of your body. Also, opening up your pores is helpful as your skin can absorb the moisturizer or other helpful products you are putting onto it after cleansing it.

You’re Not Exfoliating

You definitely need to exfoliate your skin to scrub off the dead skin cells and allow creams to sink fully into your skin. Although exfoliating can cause your skin to dry out in the winter, you should exfoliate once a week for best effects. Make sure to not over-exfoliate as you can strip off the natural oils in your skin. However, if you fail to exfoliate at all, your skin will remain flaky and gray due to the buildup of dead skin cells. So, find a gentle exfoliator and give your face a good scrub once in a while.

Skincare: It’s What You Know

A lot of mistakes you make for your skincare are due to the lack of knowledge about your skin. Now that you’ve learned the problems that come up with drying out your skin by using hot water and forgetting to exfoliate, you can change your routine and keep your skin looking dewy and fresh all the time. You can also add an omega-3 supplement to your daily intake in order to maintain healthy, happy skin cells. Do the best for your skin and make sure it doesn’t dry out this winter.

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