At this moment in time, I know a lot of people in the fashion and beauty industry, from designers, fashion house managers, models, beauty experts, fashion journalists right through to fashion producers. Each and everyone of them in some way contributes to this website, through news, sharing their advice and tips and by helping me with the most current of fashion news.

I am creating one of the best fashion websites worldwide and strive to continually improve its content and make it the GOTO site on the internet. In the process of doing so and throughout my career in the fashion industry, I have sought to connect with as many people as possible, in order to learn, support and gain valuable experience and insight.

To even further broaden my reach, learn and grow as a fashion expert and to share my knowledge I am putting a call out to absolutely anyone with an interest in fashion, professionals or simply fashion lovers.

Please contact me at or use the contact form below, especially if you are in one of the following groups:

  • Emerging Fashion Designers: If you are a talented young fashion designer, there are three reasons you should get in touch with me: Firstly, I love being the first to discover a great new talent, secondly, I will promote your designs and put your designs out for the world to see and thirdly, I will use all my connections in the fashion industry to promote you as an emerging designer.
  • Famous Designers: Of course, I always want to be contacted by famous designers and I can assure you that I would love to collaborate in some way and that I would be honoured to meet you and discuss how my work could be of benefit to you. I have met many top designers, have been fortunate to get a close look at their passion and knowledge and I have gained so much in all such encounters.
  • Makeup and Beauty Experts: Makeup is just as important as clothing when it comes to fashion and I therefore also call on all makeup artists and beauty experts to get in touch and share their tips and advice. Makeup artistry is only now being recognized as the true art it really is and I intend to highlight the value and importance of magnificent makeup.
  • Hair and Accessories: This website is designed to address all forms of fashion and hair and accessories also play an enormous part in how we look. Experts in hair and manufactures of accessories should also get in touch and I will promote your work and share your expertise on my website.
  • Models or Aspiring Models: If you are a model or an aspiring model, please contact me and together, we can promote you and make sure that the entire fashion industry knows about you.
  • Fashion Industry Product and Service Providers: If you run a business relating to the fashion industry, tell me about it and I will make sure that your business gets highlighted.
  • Event Organisers and Promoters: Please get in touch and tell me about your upcoming fashion event, I might even attend it myself and write about it on my blog. In any case, I will put it on the event calendar on my website.
  • Media: Members of the media looking for a good story or a fresh voice in fashion, should most certainly contact me. I will fill you in on all I know about the world of fashion and will not let you go away empty-handed.
  • Makeovers and Makeunders: This is a heartfelt call to anyone who has hit a style-stumbling block and needs a fresh look at their wardrobe. I love helping people define their style and know exactly how to highlight your beauty.

How to Get in Touch

Getting in touch is easy by either filling in the form below or by emailing me at You won’t be long waiting for my response and I can’t wait to hear your news.