The Dot Com Lady: 5 T-Shirt Tips for Women in 2018

The shirt is one of the few clothing pieces that you can wear at any age, moment or context. If you aren’t very familiar with how to pull on shirts, then you risk making fashion blunders.

If you were to organize your closet from casual clothes to ultra-fancy ones, then T-shirts would fall somewhere very near to casual. And because you can’t avoid Tees, wearing them is a skill every fashionable woman should master. At the same time, there are significant changes today concerning what people consider official job wear or party clothes. In other words, the modest T-shirt has turned into a comfortable, useful piece that you can incorporate into many different outfits.

Below are simple basic tips to put on a T-shirt and still look put-together. Remember T-shirts can be worn from humble shirt-and-skirt combinations to other complicated layering designs— ideas vary widely from one designer to the next, and depending on one’s preferences. While all the looks are plenty polished, each of them relies on a Tee for that extra touch of cool. No doubt T-shirts are worth much more than merely wearing for a workout or to sleep.

Here’s how to wear shirts without breaking basic fashion rules

  1. Pick a colour that matches you

You will not look great in white just because you saw your friend rock it and kill it. Maybe your best pick lies in a different colour! And the secret to knowing your comfort zone is to try on a lot of diverse colours and cuts. That way, you can narrow down to the colour that looks great on you. Always go for the colour that makes you feel good.

  1. Stay away from small tight shirts!

Fashion freaks will agree with me that the age of tight women shirts is long gone! These days, women go for other loose and excellent fitting “boyfriend”-style shirt. Apart from committing serious fashion crimes, tight-fitting shirts will bring discomfort. These days, you are better off with one just your size but not tight-fitting or size that’s a little bigger than what you wear. Whichever road you go, you’ll still look cool.

  1. Taller women should wear shirts out of the pants or skirts

Tucking in should be left for small-bodied women! The effect is your legs appear longer, and body looks taller. Taller people should consider wearing shirts out of the skirts. However, tucking in is compulsory for mist business outfits.

  1. Women with big breasts

If your breasts are more prominent, always pay attention to how your button shirt buttons are fitting. Make sure the shirt is fitting your chest perfectly. Avoid overstretching your fabric too much, or you risk looking like it’s going to tear off!

  1. Women with small chests

Women with small breasts look better with their neckline unbuttoned, but that’s your decision to make. Put on a sexy, feminine bra with your shirt, and you will look stylish!

        Wrapping Up

How you put on your T-shirt matters. The above tips will help you rock your collection of Tees the right way.

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