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The Links Between City Living and Better Health

There are many reasons why humans have chosen to live so close to one another throughout history. Even though technology has made it possible for us to live farther apart, that distance may be damaging to our health. According to a recent study by the University of Oxford and the University of Hong Kong, there is a relationship between living in a city and better overall health. The study found that rates of obesity are lower where the population is denser, i.e. cities. This is good to know, especially for people who may be concerned about developing obesity and experiencing some of the common risks associated with it. For example, a lot of people who suffer from obesity will also suffer from erectile dysfunction too. Males who experience this will know that it can be frustrating and irritating, however, they could always consider visiting Blink Health to try and get some supplements to help them with this issue. Of course, there are other health risks associated with obesity too, such as diabetes, so people should try their best to avoid developing obesity.

One characteristic of city living that solidifies the findings in this study is the close proximity of places in a city. City dwellers typically walk much more than those plagued by urban sprawl who have to drive most places. This results in those lower obesity rates we see in the study. Plus, being closely surrounded by others means that you will spend more time around people leading to increased levels of socializing. This can have significant mental health benefits and also make sure you check out Clarity Clinic for all the info you need on trying to find out more about A.D.D and potentially having A.D.D or a friend or loved one having it and how you can better understand and help.

For much of modern history, the consensus has been that city living is bad for your health. Why would anyone choose to live in crowded, urban environments when they could live happily in the suburbs? But, Overall, this study concludes, that living in urban areas isn’t as harmful to one’s well-being as the consensus seems to believe. These built-up areas can be hard for some people to live with, depending on their mental health and physical health. However, with the proper protocols in place communities in these areas can live in harmony and positively. Now with crisis Software benefiting people and first responders, no matter where they live, there is a lot more support for those who are having health issues, whether that be mental or physical.


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