The Most Romantic Countries To Visit In Europe

As we get older, we all begin adding places we’d like to visit onto our bucket list. And the older we get, the more the destinations will change depending on the people and circumstances in our lives.

Being in love with someone is a good example, as you’ll start choosing destinations based on your shared likes and interests – for example, if you’re both outdoorsy types, then you might love the idea of getting camper rental in Iceland and enjoying exploring at your own pace and with no-one else to distract you whilst you are on the road. Your sense and need for romance gets awakened and suddenly you can’t imagine taking any trips if they are not there with you.

So, where do you go and how do you give them the most intimate time of their lives?

Well, a European trip will most definitely do the trick, and if you can’t decide on a destination, we’ve created a list of the most romantic countries you and your loved one can visit.


Okay, so this one’s as obvious as you can get when it comes to destinations for couples.

France is the country most commonly recognised for its passion and beauty, plus they have one of the hottest languages in Europe. Pair those up with the fact that its capital is not only considered the city of light, but also the city of love and romance. Before you realise it, you’ll end up falling in love all over again.

If you’ve chosen another place to pop the question, then remember where you can go for your honeymoon!


Who needs the Eiffel Tower, when you have the Colosseum?

Italy has, in fact, been voted the No. 1 country for dating according to a USNews survey, and for a good reason too. A mix of all-year-round good weather and amazing historical sites, combined with one of their world-famous gelatos and you have yourself a pretty incredible date.

When in Venice, do as the Venetians do, and go with whatever floats your gondola!


If your partner’s the adventurous type, take a dive through Aphrodite’s Cave and discover why she was considered the Goddess of love and beauty.

Greece has some of the most idyllic places you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting,  overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Sandy beaches which are just shy of green forests and crystal-clear, blue waters – It’s not just the Greek islands, Greece in its entirety does not disappoint!

Have a picturesque summer vacation while taking the romantic’s walk!


Who needs big cities and islands when there’s Sintra?

Portugal has so many commercially-known, big cities that awaken the hopeless romantic in many people. However, in our opinion, it’s worth leaving Lisbon behind to visit Sintra Village for a day or two. Take in some amazing architecture, surrounded by the natural beauty of the country and you’ll soon find out why Lord Byron described the place as a “glorious Eden”.

Apart from Piri Piri Chicken, Portugal is a great place to spice things up with your partner.


Keep each other warm while the sky puts on a light show.

Norway might not be the country you think about when romance is the subject. Nonetheless, there’s no better place to cuddle up with your partner and warm up with each other’s body heat. If you enjoy watching live shows on your dates, there’s nothing more amorous than the natural light show put on by the Northern Lights.

Your partner won’t be the only thing that’ll have you mesmerised after your romantic trip to Norway.

The world is quite a vast place, filled with beautiful wonders and different cultures, scents and flavours. The above list just barely scratches the surface of its beauty.

Nonetheless, not everyone’s going to enjoy a croissant with a view of the Eiffel Tower, just how not everyone’s going to like walking in minus degree weather to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

All we can say is, if there’s a country which can be the perfect romantic destination for you and your partner out there, the above are a great start to your search.

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