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Things You Should Never Wear to the Gym - Fantastic Girl

Things You Should Never Wear to the Gym

Going to the gym isn’t always something you look forward to doing, but for most people, it is a part of their weekly routine. However, there are those that have never entered a gym before, but they want to start getting fit. Apart from learning where everything is and how to use the equipment, there are other things you need to know, such as what you should and shouldn’t be wearing to the gym.

Cotton Clothing

You might think that wearing cotton clothing would be the best option because it is cool and comfortable. While that might be ok for resting and everyday activities, it has the opposite effect when you are sweating. Sweat tends to be absorbed by the cotton fibers and take a long time to dry. That means your clothes will stick to you and feel cold. Not only that, but it can also cause your skin to become irritated and sore. It is far better to wear a synthetic material that helps your body to breathe and let’s sweat evaporate.


The footwear you choose is as important as the clothing; you want trainers that are going to be supportive but also flexible enough to allow your foot to move. The time when the right footwear is the most important is when you are carrying an injury. There are certain types of footwear such as those on the website, that are better for you if you have a foot injury. You should also avoid wearing trainers that are overly worn as this can also cause problems due to lack of the proper support.


You might not think that jewelry would cause an issue, but if it is too big or dangles, it can be a distraction. Even something like a wedding ring, can get snagged on a piece of equipment and get damaged or worse, damage your finger. The other problem with jewelry is that it can create rubbing on the skin that can lead to irritation. Once the skin has become irritated, it can take a while to recover.

Ear Phones

Almost everyone who goes to the gym wears earphones of some type. It helps you to get in the zone if you have your favorite tunes playing. However, you need to lower the volume so that you can hear what is going on around you. If someone were trying to get your attention, or there was a fire alarm, you need to know about it.

Baggy Clothes

Although baggy clothes are a good way to stay cool, they are not a good idea in the gym. Too much material can become snagged on equipment and become dangerous. You also cannot see your posture correctly which can be important when lifting or attempting a yoga pose. Go for tighter fitting clothes that are breathable and light.

With the right clothes, shoes, and attitude, you can start your workouts at the gym in the best way possible.

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