Tips and Tricks to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Do you feel like your hair has hit a standstill in terms of growth? Sometimes trying to grow out your hair can be frustrating and seem like it’s never getting any longer or healthier. Depending on your hair, figuring out what products will work best for you can also be intimidating.

There are thousands of hair growth products out on the market today. You can find them at beauty salons, grocery stores, and many more. But your hair problems are likely to vary from the person next to you, so you ought to find Information about all things hair, so that you nourish and can care for it better. Not only does your hair need the proper products, but it also needs the essential nutrients and vitamins to help it thrive.

By putting all of these supplements and dietary tips together, your hair will be given the best chance to grow strong and healthy. Keep reading below to learn about the tips and tricks to make your hair grow faster.

Choosing Your Products

When searching for hair products, you need to understand the type of hair that you have in order to choose the ones that will work best for you. Do you have oily hair? Dry hair? Thick hair? Thin hair? These are a few of the questions that you need to ask yourself before shopping for hair care products. For example, if you have oily hair, try going for shampoos that are not as thick and creamy. This way it will not increase the amount of oil that you already have in your hair. Thick and creamy shampoos would be better for someone who has damaged, dry, and brittle hair.

It is also important to check the ingredients. There are several substances that can be harmful to your hair health that are placed in products on the shelves. Do not pick out a gel or shampoo based off of their smell alone. It is crucial that you know what these chemicals/substances are so that you can avoid them at all costs. Stay away from products that contain sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals. They can be detrimental to your hair health and halt growth.

If you do not feel comfortable or confident picking out the proper hair care products for yourself, ask your barber or beautician for recommendations. Chances are if they do your hair, they will know a handful of products that will be the best for you. This will eliminate any chances of steering towards a product that won’t be beneficial for your overall hair growth goals.

Use Natural Products

Some of the best natural hair growth tips include to use essential oils to increase hair growth and thickness. These oils have been used for thousands of years for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

There are also other natural hair growth treatment options that you can utilize to help improve the health of your hair. Some of these include using a dermaroller, onion juice recipes, jojoba oil, and stinging nettle root.

A dermaroller makes tiny pricks in the scalp tissue which causes the body to regenerate cells to “heal” the area. While doing this, the hair follicles can be stimulated and encouraged to produce new growth.

Onion juice, jojoba oil, and stinging nettle root all possess properties that can be beneficial for hair growth and thickness. There are recipes that you can find on the internet on how to make masks and mixtures to effectively help your hair health.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Instead of focusing on just products and oils to promote faster hair growth, try incorporating a healthier diet to your everyday routine. Your diet is a big part of how your body functions, and without a healthy body, your hair will not be healthy. Eat foods that are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Your hair is made up of protein (keratin), so it is critical that you get enough of this in your diet. Eat foods like spinach, nuts, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and seeds. These are just for starters, there are hundreds of foods out there that have a high protein content that you can also be eating. You will also want to make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet.

Focus on eating foods like fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins A, C, D, and E. Your hair will thank you for feeding it such wonderful foods. However, if you are finding it difficult to consume these food groups, consider something like Clean Wellness’s omega 3 olive oil, or multivitamins, as both of these products have been known to help aid with hair growth, as well as with your overall health and wellbeing. Furthermore, these actions will provide your body with all of the essential nutrients it needs to supply you with a healthy head of hair.


Try incorporating these tips and tricks to make your hair grow faster to your everyday routine. Keep in mind that what works for you might not work for others and vice versa. That being said, one of these tips might work better for you than another one listed in this article. You will need to test them out to find out what works best for you and your hair! You will find the best results if you stay consistent with your treatments.

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