Tracking down the best coffee shops when traveling

There is nothing better than discovering a great cafe when traveling. Somewhere you know you can always get a decent cup of coffee. As well as to be able to charge your phone, catch up with friends online and maybe meet a few new ones.

There are several ways to find the best coffee shop when traveling. Here are a few of the easiest approaches:

Ask locals for their recommendations

Local residents are often the best source of information when you are looking for somewhere nice to enjoy a coffee. Their recommendations are based on their personal experiences.

The staff in the accommodation you are staying in are especially good people to ask. Tour guides are also a reliable source. Asking the person you are sitting next to on the bus if they could recommend a coffee shop also works well.

If you have friends or followers who live in the city you are staying in, or who have recently visited, ask them for recommendations.

Read the reviews

Yelp or Google Reviews can be a good source of information about cafes in a particular area. Don’t just look at the star rating. Sometimes owners buy positive reviews to push themselves up the rankings. Instead, scan a few of the longer ones to see what people actually say about what is on offer. Typically, the longer reviews, or those that include a photo or two are genuine and contain the most reliable information. If you want to learn more about how to spot fake reviews so you can stop yourself from being misled by them, just read this UK consumer organization article, which covers the subject in-depth.

Use social media

Follow coffee industry influencers on social media: Many coffee industry professionals and enthusiasts share their favorite coffee shops and roasters on social media. Follow them and pay attention to the places they recommend.

Search for hashtags related to the city you’re visiting, as well as hashtags related to coffee or cafes. This can help you find posts from locals or visitors who have visited coffee shops in the area and shared their experiences on social media.

Many cities have local Facebook groups where people share recommendations and reviews about local businesses, including coffee shops. These groups can be a great resource for finding the best places to get a cup of coffee.

Instagram is also a surprisingly good source of information. The most popular ones have thousands of posts. If you want to quickly find the best ones in the city or area you are visiting just search for “Instagrammable cafes in Xyz.” Usually, you will find an article like this one which is a round-up of the most snapped cafes in Sydney. As well as snaps of the drink and food. Usually, you will find photos of the interiors too. It is a great way to uncover cafes that have something a little different to offer.

Drink in places that serve the brands you like to drink

Look for coffee shops that serve beans from the roasters you know you like. The water used will change the taste a little, but it will usually be close enough to what you are used to for you to be able to still enjoy your drink.

Try out a few specialty coffee shops

If you’re a coffee connoisseur, seek out specialty coffee shops that roast their beans and use high-quality brewing methods. These places often take their coffee seriously and typically serve a great cup of coffee. Many coffee enthusiasts run blogs about their favorite coffee shops and roasters. These can be great resources for finding the best coffee shops in a particular city or region. Some like this one focus on a specific country, while others like this one have a global reach and enable you to search city by city.

Pop your head around the door

If you pass a café that looks interesting just pop in. Most people know within moments if a place is for them or not. Some people prefer a quiet, cozy coffee shop to work or relax in, while others may prefer a bustling, energetic atmosphere. If you like what you see, hear and smell stop for a drink, if not, just leave and try the next one.

Step back from the tourist areas

Don’t be afraid to try out coffee shops that are off the beaten track or don’t have many reviews. You never know, you might discover a hidden gem, simply by going two or three streets over from the main thoroughfares that run through the tourist areas.

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