Ultimate Guide on Scrapbooking For Travelling

For those who love to travel, there is always the question of how to enjoy their wanderlust when they are not actively on the move. It’s all fun and games when you’re staying in one of these paros villas rentals, but what do you do when you’re back home, it’s raining outside and you don’t have another trip lined up until next year? It’s a question with a few answers, one of the best of which is taking pictures and mementoes while travelling, and displaying them in a way which makes the most of the experience. For the true nomad, there can be few better ways to depict the joys of the journey than by scrapbooking. 

A well-kept scrapbook can be a handy keepsake for those moments when you’re getting itchy feet and looking forward to your next break. Below, we’ll look into some tips for keeping the best scrapbooks to commemorate the holidays you want to keep coming back to.

Decide what you want to display

A scrapbook can be simply a collection of photographs depicting monuments and scenery from your journeys, or more personal pics of things like shops and cafes you have visited and people you met along the way. It isn’t limited to just photos, though. Often, the best scrapbooks capture a moment in time by featuring memorabilia that you pick up along the way. A ticket for a train ride you took between Paris and Rome, a newspaper headline from a local paper on the day you went to Kuala Lumpur or a receipt from that little cafe you found one evening in Santiago… it all helps to scratch a travel itch.

Pick an aesthetic

You might choose to create a different scrapbook for each holiday you take and to bring a sense of unity to the mementoes you create. It’s worth choosing an aesthetic you enjoy. It can start with a specific type of album or notebook, and the paper supplies you use to create the scrapbooks should be similar (or the same) each time. The “look” for a trip to France can be a tricolour theme inspired by the national colours – and you can then edge your photos and memorabilia in washi tape in those colours. You can then repeat that idea for a trip to India, to Canada, to Tunisia, and so on.

Invest in the right photo equipment

You don’t need a big, expensive camera to depict holiday memories with the heart and soul they deserve. Indeed, lugging around dedicated equipment can spoil the experience and prevent you from moving around like a local. Your mobile phone or a digital camera can be all you take with you – but at home, you should have decent software for filtering your photos and hardware for printing them off. The right equipment can turn an amateur photo into a fabulous document of a trip, while no camera known to humankind can take the perfect photo for you.

FIgure out how to organise your scrapbook

If you want to create your own travelogue, then you might choose to set out a scrapbook in date order: “Here’s where I was on the 19th of July. I saw this, and then this, and went for dinner here…”. Or you might prefer to depict it place by place – a page for the Sydney Harbour Bridge, another for the Opera House, and so on. Knowing how you’re going to set a page out in advance can help you take the best photos and keep the right pieces of memorabilia – and this can make for much better scrapbooking.

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