What are the Benefits of Biodegradable Bags?

In today’s green-friendly world, a lot of terms are thrown around. Recyclable, eco-friendly, “green”, and of course, biodegradable. What does all that actually mean, though? Why is something being biodegradable meaningful and impactful?

Well, there are actually several benefits to using biodegradable bags over traditional plastic options. Did you know plastic bags can take up to 20 years to fully degrade? What about the overall cost of making them and how they’re wasted? We’re going to look at all the benefits of biodegradable bags so you can understand just a little more what this push towards reusable bags is for.

Let’s get started.

Minimal Environmental Damage

As we said, a plastic bag can take up to 20 years to degrade. That’s just for one bag. Now, imagine how many bags you personally take from the store in a single trip. That’s a lot of plastic sitting around for twenty years; preventing the growth of flora, and sometimes, killing fauna in your local area. Not to mention the damage it causes to the whole ecosystem.

A biodegradable bag can be completely decomposed in a matter of a couple of weeks. That’s not accounting for rain and other conditions, just destroying it entirely without leaving toxic particulates behind.

Own Your Own Supply

Relying on the store to supply bags is just asking to walk out with your arms packed full of junk all the way to your car. As hundreds or even thousands of other customers take tons of them to pack their own goods in, you grow more likely to end up at a bare checkout station.

When you purchase your own biodegradable bags, you don’t have to worry about that. You take what you have, and you bag your stuff. It’s that simple.

They Pay for Themselves

A lot of stores are implementing bag fees. That’s right. You won’t be getting those plastic bags for free anymore. By investing in a nice stockpile of biodegradable bags, you can avoid those fees. Within a few shopping trips, the bags will have paid for themselves, basically.

More Reliability

Have you ever dumped a bunch of heavier items into a plastic bag, picked the bag up, and listen to the crash of broken glass and sloshing fluids because the bag just couldn’t handle the load?

Cotton biodegradable bags don’t do that. Sure, you can overload a paper bag, but if you go for a premium cotton bag, you don’t have to worry about it randomly bursting and destroying your newly bought items.

Cleaner Oceans

Many paper bags use hyacinth in their manufacturing process. Hyacinth is a destructive ocean weed that chokes out coastal areas and destroys local ecosystems. By purchasing hyacinth bags, you are helping to remove that destructive plant from coastlines so ecosystems can thrive.

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