What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Dress Online

The convenience of online shopping makes life easier because it eliminates the need to visit a physical store. Apart from shopping from home, buying your dresses online also saves on costs and eliminates the need to queue.

However, failure to shop with intelligence can result in disappointment. For example, you may end up with a dress that doesn’t fit well, or you missed out on a good discount because you didn’t visit the website for online coupons and promo codes.


When done right, buying new clothes can be a rewarding or relaxing experience. This depends on your shopping technique and attitude towards it. Take care and be attentive when shopping online.

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6 Tips to Buying Dresses Online

You must know a few things before buying your next dress online. Here are the few things you must go through to get you started:

1)     Choose the right type of dress and intended occasion

Do you intend to wear the dress to a date, party, office, or vacation? Dresses are made for different occasions. The right type of dress depends on where you intend to wear it. Choosing the right type of dress is key to making you attractive and presentable.

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The type of dress you choose can also affect your general personality and image. With the right dress, you’ll become noticeable and prominent in your office, party or any other occasion you intend to attend.

Whereas some clothes are colorful and chic, others are modern and stylish. Printed and floral dresses are ideal for summer vacations, while neutrals and monochromatic colors work best for the office.

As an example, you’ll want party dresses for a wedding party, formal dresses for official events or office wear, and maxi dresses for casual wear. Some dresses are also versatile, meaning you can spruce them up to fit your intended occasion.

2)     Know your size or measurements

Dresses vary in size based on various factors, including brand and product batch. Although you can try out dresses in a physical store’s dressing room for the right fit, this is not possible when you shop online.

Some online stores have implemented True Fit to help customers find dresses that fit well. However, most stores are yet to adopt this technology.

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Take measurements of your waist, bust, inseam, and hips using a measuring tape. If you have a tape measure, you can take the measurements on your own. However, ask a local seamstress or tailor to take your measurements for accuracy.

Keep your measurements in your phone as a note for easy access on the go. With your measurements and size known, you can compare them to the store’s sizing chart.

3)     Does the store have a sizing chart?

Make sure that the online stores where you want to buy dresses have sizing charts based on a standard sizing system. They’ll help you determine if a specific dress you like matches your body measurements for a perfect fit.

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If a store features multiple brands, make sure that you check each dress’ sizing information to compare with your measurements. Do this before making a purchase.

In case you don’t have measurements for comparison to sizing charts, buy a size or two higher than the actual size of a dress. You also need to know how to use a sizing chart.

4)     Check a store’s return policy

Most online stores have a policy that govern refunds. Make sure you check a specific store’s return policy to determine if it accepts refunds. Read information on the terms and conditions governing refunds and ensure you follow them in case you may need to return a dress you bought.

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Although some stores accept refunds, others only allow product exchanges. Are there restocking fees or does the store offer free returns?

5)     Check out customer reviews

What are previous customers saying about the dress you want to buy and the store at large? Customer reviews or feedback can give you a real insight into a dress or online store.

Check out comments about fit, size and material quality to get an idea of what to expect. Look out for positive comments.

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Although a few bad reviews are acceptable due to manufacturing faults, be wary of multiple customer complaints or negative feedback.

6)     Familiarize yourself with the fabrics

The feel of your dress is as important as its size. Fabrics that feel rough on the skin are a no-no. Read through content on the fabric used to make your preferred dress. This will help you determine its texture.

Look out for comfortable, soft and cozy fabrics with a smooth feel. Check out fabric composition to help you choose the right fabrics. Determine whether you want your dress made from cotton, silk, polyester fabric.

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You must also determine if you want a dress that stretches or stiffer options. How do you want it to flex or fold? The answer to this question will help you choose the right fabrics for your dress.


Online shopping delivers a convenient, stress-free, and affordable experience. Know your measurements, check a store’s refund policy, read product descriptions and customer reviews, and get familiar with the fabrics before buying dresses online.

Determine if the store has a sizing chart and prepare to grab hot deals on your favorite dresses as soon as they become available. With these tips, you’ll be able to buy the right and well-fitted dresses online.

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