Why Retirees Love Cruises

Some of the homes you might find listed on the SSBHG platform belong to retirees who have decided to live out their golden years out at sea, cruising. There’s no argument about retirement on the high seas. Cruise vacations are one of the most affordable and least stressful alternatives. And with better things to do and be in retirement, there’s plenty of leisure time to appreciate the rewards of cruising. Most cruises are five nights or longer, so time has all the time it needs for you to fully enjoy yourself.

“A cruise is so inviting,” retiree Nina Olson of Appleton, WI, explains. “People come back home and want to do it again.” Concerns you’d have to otherwise take care of yourself by visiting this website are catered to by someone else and lots more, for that matter…

That’s something you can experience yourself when you choose a cruise vacation. “A cruise is a cruise,” Sara Sennett of Irvine, CA, likes to say. “You don’t have to rush anywhere, there are no work commitments. You can focus on your own interests.”

Retirement does not always mean that one lives a quiet life, with minimal fun and frolic. While some retirees may opt to stay in assisted living homes (such as the ones at, many may want to enjoy their life to the fullest by taking the vacations that they might have missed out on during their lifetime. Cruises and other vacays could then, prove to be the way out for them!

Cruises have become a convenient way to introduce vacationers to different countries and cultures in the past decade. The choices are nearly endless; you can visit Australia, Asia, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. Cruise ships have become regular stops on international tourism cruises. All this variety means you have a lot of choices to make about where you want to go and how long you want to stay.

Some cruises are geared for children and adults, some for family vacations, and some are designed for special occasions. Many cruises are set to sail in a particular destination so you have a chance to spend time with old friends or make new ones.

“There’s the romance of the cruise,” Carl Fredrick of San Jose, CA, explains. “The destination is also attractive because it’s a place you’ve never been. The scenery on board is spectacular; you look out and there’s nothing but ocean out there.

“That makes the cruise just fun to do,” he continues. “You don’t have to go out of the country or spend a lot of money to do it, but there’s also something very exciting about being somewhere you don’t know.”

Cruises have plenty of other perks that retirees love. Some cruise lines also have charters so you can spend more time on land and enjoy things you couldn’t do with a cruise. You can stay on an island or a cruise ship and enjoy the sights on your own.

Most cruise lines have beauty treatments so you can get a manicure or pedicure at any time. Cruise ships have restaurants so you can get a decent meal. Cruises are huge and spread out; you can leave behind your work responsibilities and enjoy time to enjoy yourself.

Cruise lines are diverse, too. Most offer a different experience each time you take a cruise, so you can enjoy various tours and activities. Most cruises have a variety of restaurants, ranging from casual to fine dining.

This website caters to elderly care in admittedly a more formal ways, but otherwise retirees who choose cruises often enjoy getting to know other cruise passengers. Most cruises allow families and singles to mingle. Many people on cruises enjoy meeting others from all over the world, and cruise passengers often have lots of friendly conversations.

The cruise industry attracts older travellers because it’s a cheap and enjoyable way to see all kinds of places. “Cruising allows you to travel and enjoy retirement,” retiree Sue Crofton of Eureka, WI, says. “Many retirees say they could never do it if they worked.”

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