Why So Many Travellers are Turning to Serviced Accommodation

For so long, hotels have been the first option for holiday and business travellers as a reliable option for accommodation in new cities. In recent years, with the growing popularity of sites like Airbnb, a new way of travelling has emerged and revolutionised accommodation decision-making. Now that you can stay in a converted crane, private island or humble canal boat – yes those are real options! – travellers are switching to new ways of planning their stays that don’t involve a hotel. 

Another hotel alternative is serviced apartments. Often thought of as a mid to long-term option, this type of accommodation has grown in popularity massively over the past few years. You can discover serviced accommodation in Bristol, London and tons of other cities across the UK and beyond. Here are some reasons why you might want to join the growing population of travellers who are choosing serviced accommodation. 

It’s cost-effective 

Staying in serviced accommodation is more often than not more cost-effective than a hotel stay. If you’re thinking of staying for longer, by picking a serviced apartment you are likely to get a discounted rate. Additionally, serviced apartments offer fully-equipped kitchens, washing machines and free Wi-Fi meaning you can save on dinners, washing and internet costs. 

You get more space and privacy

One of the biggest advantages of staying in serviced accommodation is the amount of space they have to offer. Unlike a small hotel room, serviced accommodation often comes with a separate bedroom, living room and kitchen, which is ideal for families or friends travelling together. This also works for privacy. By offering multiple bedrooms and a communal space to relax, you and those you’re travelling with can socialise and then go back to their own private space to unwind. 

They’re convenient

A big perk of staying in serviced accommodation is the convenience they can offer. They’re usually located in central locations around cities, making it easy for travellers to explore or get to business meetings. With tourist attractions, shops, restaurants and bars all on your doorstep, you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture without wasting time travelling to the centre. A lot of serviced accommodations also offer 24-hour reception services, making checking in and out simple. 

It can be a home away from home

Staying in a serviced apartment offers a more home-like experience than staying in a hotel. Being able to prepare your own meals, do washing or entertain guests and colleagues is nearly impossible when staying in a hotel, which can be an isolating experience. By staying in serviced accommodation, travellers can experience life as a local and enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with home comforts. 

As the wants and needs of travellers evolve, it seems that more and more are turning to serviced accommodation as the perfect option for a relaxing and affordable stay. Who wouldn’t love to take all of the home comforts with them when they go away?

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