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Why the increased demand for jute bags is good for the planet

Plastics cause heavy degradation to the environment and polythene bags are one of the key culprits when it comes to the pollution of our oceans. In response to this challenge, many governments and businesses are promoting the increased adoption of reusable jute and cotton bags. Here are some of the reasons why jute bags are some of the best weapons in the fight against the pollution of our natural environment.

Jute bags support manufacturers in the third world

Many of the products we use in the UK are often bought at the expense of manufacturers in the third world working on very tight profit margins. Buying your Jute bags through an ethical supply chain will ensure you are taking part in the fair trade of goods. Giving jute manufacturers a fair price for their goods will increase the chance of you getting a quality end product.

Jute bags are made out of a natural material

Plastic bags have a big impact on the natural life in our eco-systems so making the switch to products that are made from entirely natural products will stop some of this damage. Jute is a material grown on plantations that create a product that is 100% biodegradable and reusable. The inherent strength of the material means that it is able to be reused many times which reduces the size of the carbon footprint per product.

Jute is a robust material that lasts a long time

As stated jute is a great material for ‘bags for life’ as they are resistant to general wear and tear. If you find a supplier who can give you laminated jute bags you will also have a product that you can reuse regularly for your weekly shopping.

Many UK based manufactures are supplying jute products

Reusable bags are very popular in the UK and this demand is being met by a large number of manufacturers looking to supply customers with a good product. If you are a retailer looking to make the switch to more sustainable packaging make sure you find a jute bag supplier who can deliver you a good product in the quantity that your business needs.

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